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Use Case: Device discovery

Find device(s) that meet given criteria

Find all the devices that meet certain criteria.

Example (from Find all the devices that can operate at all depths from 50 meters to 3000 meters.

Primary Actor
User (Engineer/Scientist) planning experiment/mission

Supporting Actors

Stakeholders and Interests
Scientists conducting experiments - interested in data that suits their needs
Forecast models - model input requirements: data that is fit for purpose

Sensor assets have been described wrt. the Ontology

Post Conditions

Success end condition
All suitable devices discovered

Failure end condition
Missed appropriate device

Different criteria like

  • Type
  • Within geographic region
  • Measured phenomenon
  • Range of measurement
  • Availability
  • Owner/responsible party
  • Manufacturer


Combination of criteria criteria (see [Botts])

  • As I drive, find me all weather stations with a 5 mile radius so I’ll know can determine when the atmospheric temperature dips below freezing
  • Notify me whenever any imaging sensors enter within 20 km of my current location, that are capable of measuring thermal IR at ground resolutions of 1 meter or better
  • Find me a process capable of classifying smoke from satellite or airborne multispectral imagery available for this area within the next hour
  • Find me any process or sensor capable of detecting smoke within a 50 km radius, whether airborne or on-the-ground
  • Find me a process capable of geolocating scan data from the SPOT 5 cameras
  • Find me all sensors that can measure temperature of the ocean surface within 5 m of the surface

Also MMI's DO_UseCase10:

Presumably to be combined with other criteria, this enables users to find devices that can be deployed on platforms at those depths. To respond to this query, the operational depth limits of each device would have to be provided in the device description.

Special Requirements


User Interface



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Sensor Discovery
Jirka et al. "Discovery Mechanisms for the Sensor Web"

GENESIS (GENeric European Sustainable Information Space for Environment Instrument):