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Use Case: Data Discovery

Find observations that meet given criteria

Find all observations that meet certain criteria.

Example (from the SemsorGrid4Env project): Find all the observations related to the weather conditions and tide information available in a specific bounding box and obtained in the last 24 hours.

Primary Actor
User (Engineer/Scientist) making decisions based on observations in an area.

Supporting Actors

Stakeholders and Interests
Scientists conducting experiments - interested in data that suits their needs

Forecast models - data that is fit for purpose

Citizen scientists - interested in specific observations

Sensor assets have been described wrt. the ontology, with special care to provide information about their related measurements and observations, which are then related to domain ontologies (in the example, these ontologies will be about weather conditions and tide information).

Post Conditions

Success end condition
All suitable observations are discovered.

Failure end condition
Missed appropriate observation

The user may use different criteria to select the area and window to be considered in the spatio-temporal constraint (from a bounding box to a polyline or another selection method for space, and from a simple time window to using tuple windows). Or the user may select specific types of constraints in terms of the types of observations to be found.

A combination of criteria with the other use cases (device discovery or provenance). For instance, provide me with the details of the sensors that produce a specific type of observations.

Another possible extension would be to find observations that are somewhat related to the domains suggested, even if not completely related.

Special Requirements


The query results should be provided in an appropriate time for a user to go on performing his activities.

User Interface
The user interface should facilitate the selection of spatio-temporal constraints, and of observation and measurement types.





Dataset discovery: general

  • Find data sets meeting certain criteria (inc. temporal + geo-spatial constraints)
  • SSG4Env D7.1 (see example on pag. 38)

Data Discovery use case from Virtual Solar Terrestrial Observatory