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At the SSN-XG meeting of 13 April 2010 , the Group resolved to retract the third deliverable of the Charter, that was A W3C submission ...[that] will cover specification of semantic annotation of Sensor Markup Language (SML-S)

It was thought that a W3C member submission is now inappropriate due to the emerging attention to the problem within the OGC community. However, as the Group has developed a substantial review of methods (in the XG report), the Group will recommend a preferred method in the final report. Further, the rewritten mapping deliverable now includes Worked examples showing the application of our recommended markup technique (3rd deliverable) to SWE technologies (especially Sensor ML and SOS). This will demonstrate the application of the semantic annotation method we recommend.

Here is the draft of the component of the XG report dealing with the recommended method: Semantic Markup Draft