Review of collaborative ontology edition tools

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The tools have been reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • Required software. The different software required to run the application
  • Editorial workflow. The workflow for collaboratively editing the ontologies
  • Functionalities. The functionalities provided
  • Ontology languages. The ontology languages supported
  • Status. The latest release of the software and the plans for future development
  • Support. Support provided by the developers
ContentCVS Collaborative Protégé
Required software
  • Follows a client-server approach
  • The client is a plugin for Protégé 4
  • Follows a client-server approach
  • The client is a plugin for Protégé 3.4.X or WebProtégé
Editorial workflow Works like a version control system (CVS/SVN): Export, check-out, update, and commit Two modes:
  • Concurrent edition
    • Several users can edit the ontology concurrently
    • Requires a server
  • Sequential edition
    • Only one user can edit the ontology and then it "passes" the files to another one
    • Does not require a server
  • Granularity of axiom and of ontology element
  • Does not support annotations (on commits or on ontology elements)
  • Find local changes with respect to the repository (structural and semantic differences)
  • Conflict detection and resolution
  • Preview the logic consequences of changes
  • Granularity of ontology element
  • Annotate ontology elements and changes (stores user name and timestamp)
  • Search annotations
  • Track changes
  • Voting mechanisms
  • Chat with other users
Ontology languages OWL OWL, RDF(S), or Protégé's Frames model
  • Version 1.2.101 released at February 24, 2009; plugin Tested for Protege 4 build 101
  • Revision for Build 108 is being adapted
  • Included in the latest Protégé 3.X version: Protege 3.4.1 (build 537) released at June 18th 2009
  • Further versions are expected to appear
  • Contact the developers
  • Contact the developers
  • Protégé mailing lists