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Operational/survival range

(to be completed by Payam)

Operational/survival range and restrictions OperatingModel.png

Operational/survival range and restrictions, Draft model

Source file (Open office format) [OperationModel_v.2.odg [1]]

Old version: [OperationModel.odg[2]]

task planning


  • Michael to help with the OWL file
  • Requesting someone to assist Payam regarding the boundary for the ontology using a practical case (help with the example side of it)


This OWL file contains a representation of the above suggestion for operating and survival conditions.

Also this OWL file contains an example for this suggestion for operating and survival conditions. It just models operating and survival temperature (the actual device data sheet doesn't specify the given value as a survival condition, but for the example it doesn't matter) ranges and the expected input voltage for the device.

The example also shows how an existing units of measurement ontology can be used in conjunction with the SSN-XG ontology. This is really just an aside though - the main point is the modelling of the operating and survival ranges, not the units or values and ranges.

Changes to first version

This is another way to structure the survival and operating concepts. I just took the concepts from the diagram at the top of the page and moved them around.


  • Battery and Device lifetime seem very much survival related concepts, so I put them into SurvivalRange.
  • OperatingPowerRange seemed a concept related to the normal operating ranges of the device so I put them in OperatingRange.
  • I didn’t put in TransmissionRange, StorageCapacity or ProcessingCapacity because they seemed to be properties more related to devices and radio transmission than just sensing.