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Metrology, Measurement and Ontology

  • organisations
  • measuring the impossible, soft metrology
  • ontology (philosphical)
  • ontology (practical)

Metrology organisations

BIPM International Bureau of Weights & Measures

EURAMET e.V. The European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET, is a Regional Metrology Organisation (RMO) of Europe.

IMEKO International Measurement Confederation

Dietrich Hofmann, Gerhard Linß (2003): INTERNET METROLOGY, THE NEW APPROACH TO MEASUREMENT. 45 YEARS SCIENTIFIC-TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS WITH IMEKO XVII IMEKO World Congress Metrology in the 3rd Millennium June 22−27, 2003, Dubrovnik, Croatia

OIML: International Organization of Legal Metrology

WELMEC (European Cooperation in Legal Metrology:

See also List of instruments-specific advice:

International Vocabulary of Metrology - Basic and General Concepts and Associated Terms (VIM Focuses on calibration and uncertainty aspects of a sensor - Annex A contains "concept diagrams"

IUPAC is also active in this area.

IUPAC Chemistry and Human Health Division IFCC Scientific Division Committee – Subcommittee on Nomenclature for Properties and Units (C-SC-NPU)

Rene Dybkaer An Ontology on Property - For Physical, Chemical and Biological Systems April 2010 (announcement on QUOMOS mailing list)

IUPAC Metrological Traceability of Measurement Results in Chemistry: Concepts and Implementation Ongoing project:

UK NPL Software Support for Metrology programme:

Pointer, M R New directions - soft metrology requirements for support from mathematics, statistics and software: recommendations for the Software Support for Metrology programme 2004-2007. CMSC 20/03, April 2003

MINET Measuring the impossible

MINET Measuring the impossible is a research network (funded by EU) focusing on a range of "human sensor" and "sensing the human" research topics.

EU Project Measuring the Impossible

Rossi, G, B (2009): Cross-disciplinary concepts and terms in measurement, Measurement 42(9), November, 2009

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Aldo Frigerio, Alessandro Giordani & Luca Mari (forthcoming). Outline of a General Model of Measurement. Synthese. Aldo Frigerio, Alessandro Giordani & Luca Mari (forthcoming). Outline of a General Model of Measurement. Synthese DOI 10.1007/s11229-009-9466-3. [1]

Holger Andreas Ontological Aspects of Measurement Axiomathes (2008) 18:379–394 DOI 10.1007/s10516-008-9039-y

Luca Mari, Valentina Lazzarotti and Raffaella Manzini Measurement in soft systems: Epistemological framework and a case study Measurement 42(2), February 2009, Pages 241-253

Giovanni B. Rossi and Birgitta Berglund XIX IMEKO World Congress Fundamental and Applied Metrology September 6−11, 2009, Lisbon, Portugal MEASUREMENT RELATED TO HUMAN PERCEPTION AND INTERPRETATION – STATE OF THE ART AND CHALLENGES

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More refs:

Juan Miguel López, Rosa Gil, Roberto García, Idoia Cearreta, Nestor Garay Towards an ontology for describing emotions

MINET references related to terminology efffort in chemistry (IUPAC)

This sub-community uses Protometrology = the science of observations

René Dybkaer An Ontology on Property for Physical, Chemical, and Biological Systems APMIS Suppl. 2004 (117):1-210. PMID: 15588029

René Dybkaer The meaning of ‘concentration’ Accred Qual Assur (2007) 12:661–663 DOI 10.1007/s00769-007-0316-z

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Ontology (philosophy) of measurement and of science and misc.

(less directly applicable resources)

Arne Kjellman Constructive Systems Science - the Only Remaining Alternative? Doctoral Thesis in June 2003

Ingvar Johansson Functions and Shapes in the Light of the International System of Units Preprint version of a paper published in Metaphysica. International Journal for Ontology & Metaphysics (2008) 9:93-117. member of the ontolog mailing list for UoM

Marcel Boumans (2005), Measurement in economic systems Measurement 38(4), December 2005

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Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic & Vincent C. Müller A Dialogue Concerning Two World Systems: Info-Computational vs. Mechanistic

Ontology (practical)

Work on ontologies for sensors and measurement instruments outside the scope of OGC SWE standards (especially in the context of measuring devices / instruments used in an "industrial" context)

Borst et al.

Pim Borst, Hans Akkermans, Anita Pos and Jan Top The PhysSys Ontology for Physical Systems

Pim Borst and Hand Akkermans (1997) Engineering ontologies Int . J . Human – Computer Studies (1997) 46 , 365 – 406

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Singh et al + refs

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