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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Make changes to ontology Michael Compton 2009-12-23
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Make changes to ontology close issue 1 Michael Compton 2009-12-23
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Separate Issue 2 in 3 issues Luis Bermudez 2009-12-23
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Update the terminology from michael's email Laurent Lefort 2010-01-12
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Will bring it forward to W3C Kerry Taylor 2010-02-09
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Will bring the 6 months extention request forward to W3C Kerry Taylor 2010-02-09
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Will make a proposal to include measurement, device properties and accuracy in the current ontology (with help from others if needed) Michael Compton 2010-02-17
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Will take care of the device part Kerry Taylor 2010-02-17
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Upload a use case figure to the wiki Kerry Taylor 2010-03-03
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Give a presentation on semantic markup technique options Laurent Lefort 2010-03-03
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Put Modelling of Accuracy issue in Issue Tracker Michael Compton 2010-03-17
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Present observation record and device next week Kerry Taylor 2010-03-17
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Foundational layer (inclusion of DOLCE alignment in Ontology) Krzysztof Janowicz 2010-07-28 W3C Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Update his proposal based on the discussion Michael Compton 2010-04-14
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Adjust wiki and report to W3C Kerry Taylor 2010-04-20
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Extend the MMI example with measurement capabilities with conditions Luis Bermudez 2010-04-20
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Upload the RDF corresponding the the wiki page example Michael Compton 2010-04-20
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Report on EGU presentation to be delivered by Simon Michael Compton 2010-04-20
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Update the wiki regarding the decision about the accuracy modeling Michael Compton 2010-05-12
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Send Payam an email about the okay him to present the XG Holger Neuhaus 2010-05-12
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Have a look at Operational/survival range and restrictions Payam Barnaghi 2010-05-12 W3C Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Look at SENSEI device representation and present it to the group Payam Barnaghi 2010-05-12
ACTION-23 (edit) closed AND Michael AND Holger to investigate modeling of system /device representation Kerry Taylor 2010-05-12
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Finalise the operation/survival model Michael Compton 2010-07-28 Operational/survival range
ACTION-25 (edit) pending review Michael to send an email to Luis to discuss the issues Michael Compton 2010-05-18
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Analyse the representation of location for next meeting Michael Compton 2010-06-01
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Report on Semantic Markup deliverable status in two weeks Cory Henson 2010-06-16
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Provide MMI related use case associated with operating model Luis Bermudez 2010-07-20 Operational/survival range
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Add usage of see also in wiki page documenting annotations Kerry Taylor 2010-06-15
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Define the final place where the XG ontology will be delivered Laurent Lefort 2010-07-01 W3C Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Coordinate contributions on examples Laurent Lefort 2010-09-03
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Get updated information on the status of the European Zakim bridge from W3C Laurent Lefort 2010-06-23
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Investigate the use of PURL urls for the SSN ontology Laurent Lefort 2010-08-05 W3C Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Coordinate contributions to XG report Laurent Lefort 2010-09-03 W3C Semantic Sensor Networks Incubator Group report
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Coordinate contributions to SSN ontology Laurent Lefort 2010-09-03 W3C Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Coordinate contributions to Semantic Markup report Laurent Lefort 2010-09-03 W3C Semantic Sensor Network Semantic Markup Report
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Coordinate contributions to Ontology report or to the wiki pages documenting the ontology work Laurent Lefort 2010-09-03 W3C Semantic Sensor Network Ontology Report (or wiki)
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Coordinate contributions to Mappings report Laurent Lefort 2010-09-03 W3C Semantic Sensor Network Mappings report
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Modelling discussion for Deployments Systems Devices (pass 2) Michael Compton 2010-07-29 Deployments Systems Devices
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Add the missing link (and the role composition axioms manually) Michael Compton 2010-08-18 W3C Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Investigate or add link to feature at deployment Michael Compton 2010-12-31 Post-XG Features
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Remove remaining range and domain Michael Compton 2010-08-18 W3C Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Provide "bullet point" list of steps to document Andriy Nikolov 2010-08-24 W3C Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Propose a XG-follow up meeting at ISWC Kerry Taylor 2010-11-03
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Provide "SSN_Deploy" report snippet Payam Barnaghi 2010-09-07
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Provide "SSN_Sensor" report snippet Andriy Nikolov 2010-09-07
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Recruit volunteers for "SSN_Upper", "SSN_Observation" report snippets Laurent Lefort 2010-09-07
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Harmonise and put together all the "SSN" report snippets Laurent Lefort 2010-11-02
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Create a bullet points list of priority content for the final report (linkage between use cases and deliverables, lessons learned for future work) Arthur Herzog 2010-09-07
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Regenerate the figures with the version aligned to DUL Laurent Lefort 2010-09-15
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Provide picture and notation guide Laurent Lefort 2010-09-15
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Make those changes to measurement capability module. consult with Andriy Michael Compton 2010-09-15
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Do example for observation module Andriy Nikolov 2010-09-15
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Suggest Krzysztof does doc for DUL alignment Laurent Lefort 2010-09-15
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Update plannned content for section 2, 3 and 7 on basis of available material Laurent Lefort 2010-09-15
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Add the description of DERI's project in Danh Le Phuoc 2010-10-05
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Fix figure Sensor and MeasurementCapability (remove the part on the right) Laurent Lefort 2010-10-06
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Check status of obs times and quality Laurent Lefort 2010-10-06
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Check the questionnaire content for reviewers Arthur Herzog 2010-10-06
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Remove a bullet point from SSN Sensor Laurent Lefort 2010-10-19
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Fix the example to use DOLCE unit and value Payam Barnaghi 2010-10-19
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Re-create the questionnaire to record reviewers participation and non-public comments Laurent Lefort 2010-10-19
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Modify the plan of Section 7 Conclusion and Recommendations Laurent Lefort 2010-10-27
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Update the authors and editors of the report Laurent Lefort 2010-10-27
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Add information in SSN_Observation page Michael Compton 2010-12-22

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