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Tagging ToDos

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This page has an overview of tagging tasks that we have agreed to during past telecons.

List of Tagging Tasks Remaining

Anyone can take on any of these tasks. When you are finished, please add your name and mark it as done.

  • For the News Agregator Scenario:
    • tag ICWSM papers that are related to the tracking of blogs and retweeting.(Done)
    • tag papers on annotating multimedia with semantics -- (Done)
    • tag papers related to the watermarking of images and identify relevant technologies and standards related to authentication, identity and authorisation (Christine will provide them in August)
    • tag the technologies relevant to this scenario, but how to cite technologies in Mendeley?(Done)
      • do an example of how to cite a technology (eg Creative Commons) in Mendeley -- (Done)
    • tag papers on disambiguation of entities --
    • tag relevant papers on query languages-- (Done)
  • For the Disease Outbreak Scenario:
    • tag relevant database papers (Done)?
    • tag relevant data integration papers (Done)?
    • many papers that are already tagged do not have this scenario as a tag, but should -- (Done)
    • tag papers on documenting axiom formulation -- (Done)
  • For the Business Contract Scenario:
    • tag papers on electronic notebook records
    • papers on log mining, process mining