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SXSWi 2010 OWEA Panel Submission

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Note from Glenda: I’m drafting an OWEA Panel Proposal for SXSWi2010. Deadline to submit is Friday, July 10, 2009.

Possible Title of Panel (max of 8 words)

  • Open Web Education Alliance: Educating the Next Generation (submitted)
  • Open Web Education Alliance: Teach the Future
  • Educating the next generation of Web Professionals
  • The Future is Uncoded: Educating the next generation of Web Professionals

Submitted Description (max of 50 words)

In the world of web standards, industry forms best practices, education instructs emerging talent—and neither the twain shall meet. A decade on, the rate of standards adoption across the school/street divide is dishearteningly poor. Join us to discover how curriculum building and strategic industry alliance can close the gap

Older Description

After a decade of evangelism, the rate of web standards and best practice adoption is still pretty poor. What if we focused our energy on forming alliances between education and web industry? Imagine educators, developers and companies contributing to a free and open web curriculum. Come hear how you can be involved.


  • Type: Panel
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Technical or Creative: Technical
  • Categories: Web Standards, Education
  • Speaker (Panel Moderator): Steph Troeth

10 Questions Answered by this Panel

The SXSW panel submission process asks us to list 10 questions that will be answered by our panel...I've put down some questions, feel free to add more questions (and go over 10 if you are inspired.)

  1. What is the Open Web Education Alliance (OWEA)?
  2. How can OWEA help faculty and students who are teaching and learning web design/development?
  3. How can OWEA help companies who are trying to hire web developers?
  4. How can OWEA help web developers stay current with best practices?
  5. How can (I/my school/my company) get involved?
  6. Since OWEA is a W3C incubator group, will it only deal with W3C approved topics?
  7. What are next steps for the OWEA after incubation concludes?
  8. Who is behind/supporting OWEA? (list of companies, organizations, etc.)
  9. Can you share a vision for what future Web Professionals may look like coming out of school if this effort is successful?
  10. Will OWEA (or its future incarnation) actually develop curricula for schools?

Potential Speakers

I'm just brainstorming this list. I have not discussed this with any one yet...just imagine this is written in pencil on a cocktail napkin. I think it would be best if we had 4 folks on the panel. Starts to get crowded at 5. But hey...we are all friends :)

  • Steph Troeth
  • John Allsopp
  • Nick Fogler
  • Leslie Jensen-Inman
  • Chris Mills
  • Terry Morris
  • Mark DuBois

Note: SXSW only allows a person to be on one panel.

Goals of Panel

  • Explain what the OWEA is and why it exists
  • Create awareness of OWEA’s efforts
  • Provide access to existing resources
  • Inspire people to get involved and share resources
  • Inspire people to review/edit already existing resources and give feedback
  • Inspire people to use OWEA recommended resources to teach/use best practices
  • Inspire people to participate and spread the word
  • Solicit input from those with an interest in contributing
  • Grow awareness of the need to teach Web Standards and Best Practices in higher education