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Membership - Pre-Retreat Planning

OWEA Members participating in this breakout topic at retreat

  • Glenda Sims (lead)
  • Steph Troeth
  • Chris Mills
  • Mark DuBois

Session outcomes

To Do

  • OWEA members review these notes
  • Discuss OWEA membership model and refine
  • Approve OWEA membership model
  • Formally start required OWEA Projects - (like Pilot Schools, Membership, WE Rock bands) define, project

OWEA Membership Model

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Caption for OWEA Membership Model

  • OWEA Core Team - Roots = Chair + Project Leads + Project Members
  • OWEA Pilots - Heart of Trunk = Schools Formally running OWEA Pilots
  • Projects - Branches = OWEA Core Projects and Local WE Rock Projects
  • WE Rock Local Bands - Leaves = Educators, Web Professionals and Trainers who use, teach and promote open web curriculum

Defining Membership

  1. Do we want to have membership criteria? Yes. See below for details.
  2. Do we want to have membership levels? Yes. See below for details.
  3. Do we let any one in that asks? If someone asks to be in OWEA, we will share our membership criteria with them and possible ways to contribute. See below for more details.
  4. How will members contribute? By volunteering to work on an OWEA project. See below for details.

Core Members

Core Membership Critera/Levels

Core Active Member
  1. Actively serves on at least one OWEA project by performing tasks and demonstrating commitment to productive outcomes. (Reviewed annually)
  2. Uses best practice and open web standards (as much as possible) in personal and professional work.
  3. Regularly reads OWEA communications, participates in discussions and provides timely feedback.
Core Occasional Contributor/Contributing Member
  1. Occasionally serves on an OWEA project by performing tasks and demonstrating commitment to productive outcomes. (Reviewed annually)
  2. Uses best practice and open web standards (as much as possible) in personal and professional work.
  3. Periodically reads OWEA communications and participates in discussions.

New Core Members

New Core Member Interview
  • How would you like to contribute to OWEA?
  • What are your strengths?
  • How much time can you commit to work on OWEA projects (on average per week) over the next year?
  • All new members will be considered probationary for the first 6 months. Are you ready to commit to active membership in OWEA now?
Contributions: Tell us how you can help open the web

Here are some ideas:

  • Represent a business, school or organization where open web curricula can be shared especially one where we don't already have a member.(this isn't a project)
  • Contribute to the development of open web curricula by working on (insert specific projects here).
  • Teach open web curricula. (if we let all educators in at core, it will be difficult to manage. we suggest we go with a model like AIGA's local chapters...and encourage the creation of local WE Rock groups.
  • Outreach to educators, students, employers and/or developers about open web curricula by working on (insert specific project here).
  • Serve as an example by demonstrating open web standards and best practice on your personal site. (this is a base requirement)
  • Your idea of how you can help here!
New Core Member Welcome Process

Wouldn't it be great if new OWEA members received the following:

  • An overview of OWEA's mission, vision, current projects and recent successes.
  • Brief explanation of OWEA communication methods and how to access everything (email, wiki, irc, phone bridge...)
  • OWEA Loot - a badge, a temporary tattoo*, t-shirt*, an OWEA card* (like the WAI quick tips card), rock candy* (so they know we are fun)

(*) note - these items would requiring funding

Annual Core Member Review/Probationary Review Process

  • All active and contributing core members will be asked to keep a list of their contributions (perhaps on our wiki).
  • The OWEA membership committee will review each OWEA core member once every 12 months. Core members who are no longer able to actively contribute to OWEA will be profusely thanked for their contributions and moved to former member status (as well as encouraged to let us know when/if they would like to become active/contributing again).
  • Probationary core members will be reviewed at 6 months for active contributions. Probationary core members who have not been able to contribute to OWEA projects by performing tasks and demonstrating commitment to productive outcomes will be removed from the core membership list.

Local WE Rock Member

Educators, web professionals and trainers who teach open web curriculum including:

  • Faculty at Uni, community/technical college, high school & below
  • Professional trainers
  • Anyone who helps teach others about best practices and web standards

Web professionals and industry folk who do any of the following:

  • use best practices
  • promote best practices (and OWEA curriculum/projects)
  • contribute materials to the OWEA curriculum

Note: The Local WE Rock Groups are also discussed in the Outreach break out group led by Chris Mills.

Would really love to see a list of local members and especially local educator profiles that would include OWEA courses I teach.

Observer (non-member)

  • has capacity to subscribe to our public mailing list and listen/observe.

OWEA Organizational Assumptions

Everything below here is context information that actually belongs in the Org Structure or Outreach conversation. But we didn't want to loose this content...so here it sits :)

Local WE Rock Groups

OWEA local WE Rock groups would be formed that share the mission of OWEA. Groups would support local WE Rock members by organizing projects and events in their communities to help educate and inform current and future web educators and professionals, as well as the broader public about the value of the web profession. Local WE Rock groups provide opportunities for networking and forming connections.

Executive / Board Position

  • What Exec Board Positions will OWEA have? OWEA Management Team
  • How does a person become an OWEA Project Manager? Appointed by chair with input from OWEA Management Team.
  • How long do people hold these management positions? 1-2 years

OWEA Management Team

  • OWEA leader(s) - chair/co-chair
  • OWEA project leads have a term of (1-2 years)
  • OWEA management team meets to make decisions

Types of OWEA Projects

Each OWEA project will have a project definition, target date and objectives. Expected types of OWEA projects include:

  • Teaching: Uni, community/technical college, high school & below
  • Outreach: business, government, non-profit...outreach can be external or internal.
  • Curriculum: writing, reviewing/editing
  • Organization: Membership, marketing/communication, internationalization, project management.
  • Resource management: fund raising, business dev/strategy, investor relations
  • Accreditation: develop how to get the OWEA curriculum accreditated as a post secondary degree

OWEA Leadership Traits

  • Leading is a responsibility, not a priveledge.
  • A leader's purpose is to help each team member be successful. See Servant Leadership.
  • Passionate about the open web
  • Strong desire to help
  • Catalyst - Able to inspire and motivate others
  • Shows respect for each individual and their contributions
  • Creates a collaborative, open, trusting and flexible environment.