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Right now, OWEA is engaged in two parallel activities: bringing together curricula, people, and organizations and promoting Web Development education; and planning the details for the organization that will carry this mission forward. If you are interested in either or both of these activities, please contact us.

Curriculum Planning

Need a web education project to hook in to immediately? Offer to contribute to one of the following great initiatives that OWEA members have brought to the table:

Organization Planning

While OWEA is still in the planning stages, the incubator group is focusing on attracting participants who are willing to actively contribute to the the process, rather than merely showing support. As such, if you are interested in participating as an Invited Expert, please provide a short personal bio, describing your interest and role in Web development education, what other evangelization activities you've undertaken, examples of Web sites you've created, and how you think you'd like to contribute to OWEA. You can send all this information to Glenda Sims.

If you belong to an organization which is a member of the W3C, please contact your Advisory Committee (AC) representative with a request to join OWEA and nominate you as a participant. If you need contact information for your AC rep, please contact Doug Schepers.

We look forward to hearing from you!