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This XG started on 17 June 2009 and closed on 30 March 2012, to transition to Web Eduation Community Group.

The mission of the Open Web Education Alliance Incubator Group, part of the Incubator Activity, is to help enhance and standardize the architecture of the World Wide Web by facilitating the highest quality standards and best practice based education for future generations of Web professionals through such activities as

See the charter for more information.



The OWEA XG is currently working on a whitepaper describing the needs, opportunities, resources, structure, and relationships necessary for a successful ongoing development and deployment of a Web development education curriculum.



The primary collaboration forum for the OWEA Incubator Group is the W3C OWEA wiki. This is publicly readable, and interested parties are encouraged to read more there.

The OWEA XG communicates through the public mailing list, and currently manages its agenda, to-do lists, calendar, and other project-management task on the OWEA Basecamp hub. Messages on the Basecamp forums will be reflected on the public mailing list (so, please be mindful not to post private information there).


About the Open Web Education Alliance XG

Detailed information about this incubator group, including how you can best participate at this stage, can be found on its public wiki.

John Allsopp, Glenda Sims, Open Web Education Alliance Incubator Group Chairs
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