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2011-11-04 Protocol

Participants and Scribe

  • Alexander Kröner (AK, scribe)
  • Boris Brandherm (BB)
  • Jens Haupert (JH)
  • Bruno Kiesel (BK)
  • Barbara Schennerlein (BS)
  • Ralph Barthel (RB)

TOP 1 OMM XG Closing Actions

  • AK thanks all members for their valuable contributions during the XG's runtime and beyond.
  • In the near future, the W3C will turn off editing privileges at W3C (OMM Wiki, OMM home) and close the member mailing list.
    • AK has cleaned up parts of the Wiki; members are asked to verify and edit their contributions.
    • AK has edited the OMM XG home page; links to the XGR have been inserted and results emphasized.
    • JH and Daniel Schreiber verify the binary representation with respect to OMM Format 1.0.
  • The public mailing list will stay active.

TOP 2 OMM Next Steps

  • Communication
    • The members agree to use the public mailing list for communicating and discussing OMM-related actions.
    • AK proposes to insert a link from the Wiki to the DFKI LifeLog home in order to highlight future actions. There are no objections from the members.
    • Phone conferences will be continued; however, only once a month. Might be dropped completely if no longer needed.
  • Future OMM activities of the (former) XG members
    • AK: A workshop with W3C members is in discussion; however, no final decision has been made at this point of time.
    • OMM Implementations
      • AK, JH: A revision of the Object Memory Server system is planned, which will devote special attention to the OMM Format 1.0.
      • RB: A revision of the Tales of Things system is planned, which might exploit OMM for integrating object memories into web pages.
      • BS, BK: OMM will be considered for activities in the project RES-COM.
    • RB suggests a project activity on European level
      • AK expresses interest and suggests to discuss a potential research direction with interested groups.

Next Telco

  • December 2, 2011