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This XG started on September 27, 2010 and closed on October 26, 2011. For a summary of results see the Final Report.

The mission of the Object Memory Modeling Incubator Group is to define an object memory format, which allows for modeling of events or other information about individual physical artifacts - ideally over their lifetime - and which is explicitly designed to support data storage of those logs on so-called smart labels attached to the physical artifact.

See the charter for more information.


International Workshop on Networking and Object Memories in the Internet of things 2011


The OMM XG's workplan and preliminary results are documented in the Wiki.

A Final Report summarizes the findings of the Object Memory Modeling Incubator Group. An XML-based object memory format is introduced, which seeks to support:

Within the report, the group makes several recommendations concerning the future evolution of the object memory format; these address connections to provenance modeling, the embedding of object memories in web pages, and potential benefits of an object memory API.


There are two-weekly phone conferences of members and invited experts. These meetings are documented in the Wiki. Non-group members are invited to join these conferences as well; for requesting a participation, please contact the group's chair.


Parts of the participants' discussions, especially communication with external groups, are documented in the Public Mailing List. Please read more about W3C mailing list and archive usage.

Minutes of phone conferences are available in the Wiki.

May 30, 2011: Protocol of the 2011 face-to-face meeting.

About the Object Memory Modeling XG

Alexander Kroener, Object Memory Modeling Incubator Group Chair
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