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This XG closed in July 2010. See the final report.

The mission of the Model-based User Interfaces Incubator Group, part of the Incubator Activity, was to evaluate research on model-based user interface design as a framework for authoring Web applications and with a view to proposing work on related standards.

Our charter has been extended for 6 months and we are planning a W3C workshop in Rome 13-14 May 2010, hosted by ISTI, to discuss next steps for Model-Based UI

See the charter for more information.


The Model-Based UI XG Final Report was published on 4th May 2010, and with that the MBUI Incubator Group is now closed. The associated W3C MBUI workshop is taking place in Rome on 13-14 May 2010.

We now have a public Wiki at:

All participants in the Model-Based UI XG will be able to write to the wiki, and anyone will be able to read it. XG participants are encouraged to put content into the Wiki as a convenient means to support our collaboration in addition to the teleconferences and mailing lists.


There are no deliverables available at this time. We plan to provide public reports covering research work in this area, along with use cases and requirements, and proposals for follow on standards work.


There is a teleconference every two weeks on Mondays between 9am and 10am (EDT), which is normally 3pm to 4pm (CET). The first such call is on 11th November 2008. You can call one of three numbers: +1.617.761.6200 (USA), + (France), or +44.117.370.6152 (UK). You will be asked for a conference code, which is 6284 ("MBUI") and must be followed by the # key. The conference will handle up to 8 participants. We will also use an IRC chat channel (#mbui on server port 6665). Further information is available on the UWA teleconference page.


Note that the teleconferences are scheduled fortnightly, although we may adjust this to match the circumstances. Dave will post a questionnaire to collect info for choosing dates for upcoming calls.

About the Model-based User Interfaces XG

Dave Raggett, Model-based User Interfaces Incubator Group Chair
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