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Use Case Support This Book Button

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Support This Book Button


Eric Hellman, eric@hellman.net

Background and Current Practice

I am developing a business that aims to bring ebooks into the public commons (CC or related licenses). For that to happen for ebooks with commercial value (i.e. that people want to read) money will need to be raised to acquire the relevant rights from authors and publishers. To raise that money, I need to gather people and institutions with interest in particular books or lists of books who want to "support" conversion to a Creative Commons ebook.

I would like to use a mechanism similar to a Facebook "Like" button to connect pages from library online catalogs and library related websites to "support" pages. When a user clicks a "support" button, my system would collect metadata from the webpage of interest. RDFa/BIBO+DC would be a likely format for such metadata. My system would take the metadata and use it to link to a supported work or list of supported works in our catalog.


Speed implementation and adoption of a "support this book" button by using Linked Data. The "support this book" button will provide an indication of how many people have already indicated that they want to read this book.

Use Case Scenario

Application of linked data for the given use case

Embed a button in webpages with embedded RDFa

Existing Work (optional)

  • OpenURL
  • COinS
  • biblio-social networks such as LibraryThing, GoodReads, or Mendeley (but also need to keep track of the source institution with an additional attribute)
  • Creative Commons licenses
  • buttons for sharing an item on social networks -- including Facebook Like button
  • embedding RDFa

Related Vocabularies (optional)

  • CiTO (but deals with a different scenario for linking)
  • BIBO
  • Dublin Core

Problems and Limitations

  • Which vocabularies to use?
  • Convincing others to adopt and use such a button

Related Use Cases and Unanticipated Uses (optional)

Library Linked Data Dimensions / Topics

References (optional)