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Use Case Publish Data for Lightweight Application Development

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Use Case Publish Data for Lightweight Application Development


Jodi Schneider, heavily based on JISC use case #16

Background and Current Practice

Currently, data resources and APIs are rarely exposed by library services, and may require special permissions. Some library vendors require additional contract payments in order to provide API access. Data rights restrictions are frequently undeclared and are not always well-understood.


Expose data to be used in third-party applications.

Use Case Scenario

Users provide their own applications on top of the data, which can be shared and disseminated without fear of the data disappearing, rights issues, etc.

Such applications may want holdings and availability data, hours and location data, etc. in order to provide mashups. Added-value services could also be provided.

Application of linked data for the given use case

Linked data makes it easy to mashup and combine data. Less understanding of data formats is required.

Existing Work (optional)

Examples of External Applications

Related Vocabularies (optional)

  • Dublin Core

Problems and Limitations

  • Publicizing availability of data to interested developers
  • Continued need for in-house development (not everything will be a developer's side/pet project)

Related Use Cases and Unanticipated Uses (optional)

Similar data would be useful

Likely to have stakeholders outside libraries

Library Linked Data Dimensions / Topics

References (optional)

See also a list of Museum APIs