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Archipel Project


Sam Coppens Sam [dot] Coppens [at] ugent [dot] be

Patrick Hochstenbach Patrick [dot] Hochstenbach [at] ugent [dot] be

Background and Current Practice

The Flemish Archipel Project is focused on providing access and long term archiving of digitized material from a diverse set of memory institutions. Libraries, archival institutions, the art sector (museums) and broadcasters contribute their content to a network of repositories. One of the challenges is the domain-specific metadata models that are used in each sector, e.g, MARC, CDWA, SPECTRUM, P/META, etc. The current practice is to use Dublin Core as a common ground for managing the metadata, and provide mappings from the domain-specific models. If all these models would be available as Linked Data these mappings could be better formalized and tested.


(1) Provide a common search interface on all the domain-specific metadata models.

(2) Start with a basic Dublin Core model, add more enhanced search/indexing functionality by adding Linked Data mappings of domain models.

Target Audience

Scholars, general public, service providers

Use Case Scenario

End users executes a search in the system: find all digitized material of "Henry van de Velde" published between 1880 and 1920. The system knows the difference between a creator "Henry van de Velde" and material about "Henry van de Velde" and how this is translated in the domain-specific metadata models. The system should return all material matching this query.


Sam Coppens, et al. Digital Long-term Preservation - A Provenance Story [in press]

(Meta)datastandaarden voor digitale archieven - http://www.archive.org/details/metadatastandaardenVoorDigitaleArchieven [Dutch]

http://www.archipel-project.be/ [Dutch]

https://projects.ibbt.be/bom-vl/ [Dutch]