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Useful Links


Scenarios (Case Studies)

(1 sentence summaries)

P2P book swapping: preserving this note which is perhaps too detailed for 1 sentence summary

  • Ensure legal swapping of e-books by following conditions set in their licenses (available as linked data).

Cluster admin

Pending tasks

  • refine cluster name and description
    • "Social and emergents is about emergent information, created via participation of an open community of users, with a focus to social effects of information sharing, benefits from having massive amounts of user-contributed information, etc."

Completed tasks

  • prepare the Call for Use Cases
  • before releasing, discuss the Call for Use Cases at LDD XG telco or group mailing list
  • investigate other sources for use cases -- conclusion: interesting documents, but do not contain possible use cases for LLD.
  • add notes (use case "seeds") to the wiki re possible use case topics
  • send the Call for Use Cases
    • sent to: public-LLD, Air-L, open-bibliography, public-xg-socialweb, public-lod, socnet, Dagstuhl SocNet workshop
    • also send to: FOAF, SIOC?
  • sent a reminder re Call for Use Cases to: public-LLD, Air-L, open-bibliography, public-lod, socnet, FOAF lists
  • investigated a possible source of use cases: JISC effort presented recently: (Jodi)

Overall goals