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LLD XG Publication of Deliverables 
This file:

Publication Editors: Tom (coordinator), Emmanuelle, Antoine, Karen, Peter, Jodi, Daniel, Ed
Telecons: Thursdays, 1000 EDT, +1-617-761-6200, code 55394# ("LLDXG")


   2011-09-01 Thu - telecom
   2011-09-08 Thu - telecom
   2011-09-15 Thu - telecom
       ACTION: Karen to set up DropBox.  Peter, Jodi, and Karen to meet 
       and discuss conversion wiki pages.

   2011-09-29 Thu - Telecon to discuss progress with HTML documents.
Deliverable A: Library Linked Data Incubator Group Final Report

     [Main part of the report]
     -- "Executive Summary" (Editors: Karen, Tom, Cc: Michael and Gordon)
         - 2011-09-15: DONE - Antoine boldfacing the actors in the recommendations

     -- "Scope of this Report" (Editor: Antoine)
         - 2011-09-15: DONE 

     -- "Benefits of the Linked Data approach" (Editor: Jodi, Peter)
         - 2011-09-15: DONE 

     -- "The Current Situation" (Editor: Emma, Antoine)
         - 2011-09-15: DONE

     -- "Recommendations" (Editor: Emma, Antoine)
         - 2011-09-15: DONE

     -- "Appendix A. Available Vocabularies and Datasets" (Editor: Karen, Jodi)
         - 2011-09-15: DONE - except: references to "side deliverable" should be replaced
           with references to Deliverable C.

     -- "Appendix B. Relevant Technologies" (Editor: Peter)
         - 2011-09-15: DONE


Deliverable B (Editors: Karen)
   "W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group: Use Cases" 
    Author: Daniel Vila Suero
   Note: After conversion to HTML, tables may need to be tweaked.
   - 2011-09-15: Daniel has added in everything that was missing.
     The only one thing left to do, put table and what follows into
     same order; Karen has discussed with Daniel.
     Karen will make final read-through.  Notes that quite a few links
     will need to be added into the document after conversion into HTML.
   - 2011-09-15: Antoine will add authors of individual use cases (who are
     not already listed) to the Acknowledgements.
   - 2011-09-15: "ALMOST DONE" - see above.


Deliverable C (Author: Antoine to add links.)
   "W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group: Datasets, Value Vocabularies,
    and Metadata Element Sets" 
    Authors: Antoine Isaac, William Waites, Jeff Young, Marcia Zeng
    - 2011-09-01 Antoine will do:
      -- Tag cloud
      -- CKAN - get separate list of datasets
      -- Check links
    - 2011-09-08: Vocabularies and Datasets deliverable is still being edited.  
      Needs brief Abstract.
    - 2011-09-15: Jodi: Section on published datasets needs alot of work.
      Usage Examples will be put into a button that expands.
    - 2011-10-15: Antoine: did a complete read through and fixed what was doable. Usage examples won't have buttons.

-- Style guidelines for LLD XG conversion
-- How to Publish a Final Incubator Group Report 
-- Publishing Incubator Group Documents (
-- Export-into-HTML details
-- W3C style

Models to follow:
-- Model-based UI XG Final Report (2010) - note style for references
-- Provenance XG Final Report (2010)
-- Semantic Sensor Network XG Final Report (2011)