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Authority Concept Mappings

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Here are some rough informal mappings from various “authority data” perspectives to a SKOS perspective.

Mapping Traditional Terms

Traditional Term SKOS/XL Alternative Note
Authority File skos:ConceptScheme or skos:Collection
Authority Record skos:Concept You can think of the skos:Concept as a controllable "surrogate" for the Primary Entity (owl:Thing).
Heading skosxl:Label
Established Heading skos:prefLabel or skosxl:prefLabel
Variant Heading skos:altLabel or skosxl:altLabel
Primary Entity owl:Thing This is the thing the authority record labels/names/describes. foaf:focus can be used to relate the skos:Concept to the owl:Thing.

MADS Mapping

(Highlights from http://www.loc.gov/standards/mads/rdf/mads2skos-20101119.ttl)

MADS Model SKOS/XL Alternative
madsrdf:Authority skos:Concept
madsrdf:MADSCollection skos:Collection
madsrdf:MADSScheme skos:ConceptScheme
madsrdf:Variant skosxl:Label
madsrdf:authoritativeLabel skos:prefLabel
madsrdf:hasVariant skosxl:altLabel
madsrdf:variantLabel skosxl:literalForm
madsrdf:hasHiddenVariant skosxl:hiddenLabel
madsrdf:hiddenLabel skosxl:literalForm

FRSAD Mapping

FRSAD Model SKOS/XL Alternative
Nomen skosxl:Label
Thema skos:Concept
is appellation of Inverse of skosxl:prefLabel
has appellation skos:prefLabel or skosxl:prefLabel
Nomen Scheme skos:inScheme + skos:ConceptScheme

FRAD Mapping

FRAD Model SKOS/XL Alternative
frad:ControlledAccessPoint skosxl:Label
frad:hasAppellation skos:prefLabel or skosxl:prefLabel
frad:isAppellationOf (inverse of skosxl:prefLabel)
frad:isCreatedBy skos:inScheme