Geospatial XG Teleconference

26 Feb 2007


Josh_Lieberman, Chris Goad, Andrew Turner
Josh Lieberman
Josh Lieberman


Neogeo draft and Note status

Present draft reflects general feature model and use of ENTITY. No present objections to incorporation in a draft Note.

Spatial Ontology federation

Issue: "Adopting", "Quoting", "Importing" other geospatial ontologies as a federation pattern.

Is there a straightforward ontology federation "meta-ontology"?

Incubator status and roadmap


  1. Continue on with spatial ontology and new charter until June
  2. Finish up with neogeo and propose a Geospatial Interest Group (GIG) soon
General opinion is that neither clearly builds interest better. Interest is a cart-horse see-saw of data and applications. Hard to rush. The popularity of GeoRSS is somewhat anomalous. We run with it but don't really know why it is.

Summary of Action Items

ACTION: Raj Singh and Josh Lieberman to finish work on W3C Note for neogeo.

[NEW] ACTION: Everyone add to resource listings in Spatial Ontology wiki for source materials.

[NEW] ACTION: Describe ontology federation pattern, cite resources of interest such as geonames ontology, look for best practice in serializing / realizing this.

[NEW] ACTION: Bring RDF realization from here back into georss.org as a means to engage the people there.

[End of minutes]

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