Geospatial XG Teleconference

22 Jan 2007


Josh_Lieberman, Chris Goad
Josh Lieberman
Josh Lieberman


OWL definition of GeoRSS Proposal (http://mapbureau.com/neogeo/neogeo.xml)

Proposed definition should be revised to reflext the ISO general feature model (geometry such as point is geometric property of a discerned feature, not the feature itself).

How do we express the XML Schema type of "list of doubles" in OWL: would be awkward.

Issue of defining "featuretypetag" literal as the name / identifier of a feature type: Chris will investigate.

It seems for now that there are several elements in the new geo vocabulary which require text annotations, as their intent and format is difficult to constrain just using OWL / RDF Schema.

The alternate ideas provided in the Geoqualifier proposal are interesting but run the risk of fragmenting a standard and detracting from interoperability. Hard to come up with something which is stll "compatible" with the 2003 geo vocabulary, since that runs counter to the ISO model. Need tow work on a response to this.

Summary of Action Items

ACTION: Chris Goad and Josh Lieberman to finish work on defining GeoRSS as Geo RDF/XML: revision of model and development of definition. [NEW] ACTION: Raj Singh to draft a W3C Note describing the new Geo model and definition

[End of minutes]

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