Geospatial XG Teleconference

18 Dec 2006


Josh_Lieberman, Chris Goad, Mike Liebhold (IRC)
Josh Lieberman
Josh Lieberman


OWL definition of GeoRSS Proposal (http://mapbureau.com/neogeo/neogeo.xml)

You changed the topic to "Geo-ontologies large and small".
[12:29pm] chrisGoad: speaking of small: http://mapbureau.com/neogeo/neogeo.xml
[12:29pm] joshli: Looking...
[12:29pm] chrisGoad: must have been done many times before ...
[12:30pm] chrisGoad: just owlification of the georss gml section
[12:31pm] joshli: Dribs and drabs. Just needs to be pulled together. Now, Drexel did do something, but not simply enough to be appealing, like GeoRSS
[12:37pm] joshli: http://loki.cae.drexel.edu/~wbs/ontology/list.htm
[12:39pm] mikeliebhold joined the chat room.
[12:42pm] joshli: Discussion on telecon of the GeoRSS definition at the first URL
[12:42pm] joshli: Mike, are you interested in joining the telecon?
[12:45pm] mikeliebhold: I would like to, thanks. but have to clear my calendar...checking now. worst, case I'll read the logs here of any text chats.
[12:45pm] chrisGoad: hi mike
[12:45pm] mikeliebhold: hi chris!!!
[12:45pm] chrisGoad: been a while
[12:46pm] chrisGoad: it would be cool to have you in these chats
[12:46pm] mikeliebhold: congratulaions on ast annivereary a platial
[12:46pm] joshli: I have been putting call minutes on the GeoXG site, but haven't had much luck using the utlities here (rrsagent) to generate coherent logs
[12:46pm] chrisGoad: thnx
[12:46pm] mikeliebhold: josÙli: ok I'll follow-up there.. incompatible encoding
[12:47pm] • mikeliebhold meant Joshli:
[12:47pm] joshli: We won't have calls the next two Mondays - holidays and all, but will resume in Jan
[12:52pm] joshli: Mike (and Chris as well) - would be useful to get some feedback / additions to the Geo XG use cases.
[12:52pm] joshli: But main thing is to finish georss.owl
[12:54pm] joshli: Call finished, but happy to continue chatting here, while I go to another telecon
[12:55pm] chrisGoad: k ; actually, i'll be heading into portland pretty soon
[12:55pm] joshli: Do also take a look at the ontologies wiki page: http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/geo/Wiki/Spatial_Ontologies
[12:55pm] chrisGoad: will do, thnx
[12:56pm] joshli: We discussed these components in San Diego and I'll try to pull together some of the resources for them, e.g. the Drexel ontologies, etc.

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Chris Goad and Josh Lieberman to continue work on defining GeoRSS as Geo RDF/XML: revision of model and development of definition.

[End of minutes]

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