Geospatial XG Teleconference

13 Nov 2006


Josh_Lieberman, Peisheng Zhao, Jonathan Solnit
Josh Lieberman
Josh Lieberman


Thoughts on Terra Cognita and ISWC'2006

Josh: Enthusiasm for GSW but lack of specific response so far

Peisheng: Colleague attended and appreciated the material but also did not have specific reactions.

OWL definition of GeoRSS and use in RDFa

Josh: Need to get an RDF/OWL version of GeoRSS done soon. RDFa looks very favorable, then, for playing the role of geographic microformat for tagging XHTML content instead of RSS because it does not cause raw coordinate strings to show up in browsers.

Ontology work items and assignments

Josh: Proposed ontology components listed on deliverable page. Discussion with David Martin at ISWC that the Geospatial Web Services Ontology might form an elaboration of the OWL-S process model relating to predicting service behavior for given content.

Peisheng: GMU interested in working on Geospatial Metadata Ontology and perhaps Geospatial Web Services Ontology.

Jonathan: Not familiar with SRI work relating to this, but may be interested anyway..

SWS work items and assignments

Action: Participants to review Geospatial Ontology components and compare to their own interest / capacities for contribution..

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: All participants to comment on Geospatial Ontology components and propose contributions to them.

[End of minutes]

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