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Latitude, Longitude and Altitude format for geospatial information



Declaration and qualification of valid geographic coordinate reference system


   Latitude and Longitude in Degrees:
      ±DD.DDDD±DDD.DDDD/         (eg +12.345-098.765/)
   Latitude and Longitude in Degrees and Minutes:
      ±DDMM.MMMM±DDDMM.MMMM/     (eg +1234.56-09854.321/)
   Latitude and Longitude in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds:
      ±DDMMSS.SSSS±DDDMMSS.SSSS/ (eg +123456.7-0985432.1/)


     ±DD   = three-digit integer degrees part of latitude (through -90 ~ -00 ~ +90)
     ±DDD  = four-digit integer degrees part of longitude (through -180 ~ -000 ~ +180)
     MM    = two-digit integer minutes part (00 through 59)
     SS    = two-digit integer seconds part (00 through 59)
     .DDDD = variable-length fraction part in degrees
     .MMMM = variable-length fraction part in minutes
     .SSSS = variable-length fraction part in seconds
     * Latitude is written in the first, and longitude is second.
     * The sign is always necessary for each value.
       Latitude : North="+" South="-"
       Longitude: East ="+" West ="-"
     * The integer part is a fixed length respectively.
       And padding character is "0".
       (Note: Therefor, it is shown explicitly that the first is latitude and the second is 
              longitude, from the number of figures of the integer part.)
     * It is variable-length below the decimal point. 
     * "/"is a terminator.

Altitude can be added optionally.
   Latitude, Longitude (in Degrees) and Altitude:
      ±DD.DDDD±DDD.DDDD±AAA.AAA/         (eg +12.345-098.765+15.9/)
   Latitude, Longitude (in Degrees and Minutes) and Altitude:
      ±DDMM.MMMM±DDDMM.MMMM±AAA.AAA/     (eg +1234.56-09854.321+15.9/)
   Latitude, Longitude (in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds) and Altitude:
      ±DDMMSS.SSSS±DDDMMSS.SSSS±AAA.AAA/ (eg +123456.7-0985432.1+15.9/)


     ±AAA.AAA = variable-length altitude in meters [m].
     * The unit of altitude is meter [m]. 
     * The integer part and the fraction part of altitude are both variable-length. 

BNF description

See this page at SVG MAP Lab


Mount Everest     +27.5916+086.5640+8850/
South Pole        -90+000+2800/
New York City     +40.75-074.00/ 
Mount Fuji        +352139+1384339+3776/
Tokyo Tower       +35.658632+139.745411/

Ranged data

A couple of data

A_Couple_Of_LatLonAlt = LatLonAlt LatLonAlt

 Example: +35.331+134.224/+35.336+134.228/

Sequence of data

Sequence_Of_LatLonAlt = LatLonAlt+

 Example: +35.331+134.224/+35.336+134.228/+35.333+134.229/+35.333+134.227/

Use Cases

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