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I have a few webfinger addresses which might point somewhere interesting:

That last one is what is currently driving my interest in FSW issues. TiddlySpace is, at least for now, a system that takes the "tiddlers" concept from TiddlyWiki and tries to make it more webby, collaborative and social by getting the tiddlers on the web as first class resources. It's based on TiddlyWeb. I'd like to take it to the next stage: federated.

Thus far I've managed to add support for webfinger, profiles and PuSH enabled content feeds which are not quite activity streams. Some of the issues I've discovered include:

  • We need a test suite as using other systems to validate your own is frustrating as the other system is inscrutable.
  • Many of the existing protocols are fairly focused on either announcing activities or small tweet like messages. That's good but I'm interested in social activity around content (especially reuse of content).
  • It's frustrating that feeds are the engine of content delivery in some of the protocols. I understand that a goal of PuSH is to avoid the thundering herd, but this is the web, can't we do things by reference instead of copy?
  • Salmon feels a bit like a bad fit. Not sure why.
  • There's not as much attention to interop between disparate services as would seem necessary to call it interop.

I captured my own thinking on a social web in a blog posting last year called Internet Bank of Content.

I'm an independent contractor, operating as Peermore Ltd. The name is something I'd been carrying around in my pocket for years waiting for the idea of people being peers in a networked world of learning and doing to get some traction. We're getting close.

My work on TiddlySpace and TiddlyWeb is open source, but funded by Osmosoft.