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Federated Social Web Summit 2012/notes

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Taken live during the meeting on https://etherpad.mozilla.org/fsw


Welcome to the 2012 Federated Social Web Summit

2012-300 at Say Media HQ, San Francisco

This document: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/fsw

Other URLs:

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Note takers (please help!)

Evan Prodromou - introduction to the day



  • open source social stream server
  • microblogging



  • identi.ca gravitational pull
  • bad onboarding

Really big challenges

  • Microblogging origin
  • Enterprise vs. consumer
  • AGPLv3


  • ActivityStrea.ms Atom for data
  • PuSH
  • WebFinger or URLs
  • Salmon

Good stuff:

  • PuSH streams are everywhere


  • Salmon unimplemented - besides Cliqset (defunct), Statusnet is the only one that rolled it out
  • World moved to JSON
  • PuSH publishers, but not a lot of subscribers

Really bad challenges

Recently: Pump.io

  • node.js, NoSQL,

API: inbox and outbox

Shane Caraveo of Mozilla Apps Group

working on Social API in Firefox

"bringing social functionality into the browser"

Julien of Superfeedr

  • PubSubHubbub progress

Tantek Çelik

IndieWebCamp - http://indiewebcamp.com/Main_Page

Erin Jo Richey:

  • PuPuPu - push, pull, publish
  • erinjorichey.com

Joar Wandborg - http://wandborg.se

Chris Webber

Jaisen Mathai

  • Open Photo project - http://theopenphotoproject.org/
  • wanted to makes sure all the photos we take of our kids are around when they're 20 years old
  • synchronize online photo services
  • synchronized across multiple devices
  • supports DH dreambojects, S3, local ++ for storage

Harlan Wood

Martin Atkins / Say Media


  • Elgg - http://www.elgg.org/
  • started in 2003 as a thesis project for education, grown into an open source project by Ben Werduller and David Tosh
  • Brett took over as lead developer in 2008
  • late 2010 -> open source, foundation
  • Dept of Energy has internal social network
  • Dutch gvt uses for internal comm
  • lorea is an offshoot, based in Spain

Ben Werdmuller

  • used to work on Elgg
  • now working on latakoo: http://latakoo.com - "Make Video Simple"
  • communication through different identity schemes
  • needs of media companies to publish

Patrick Deegan

  • open source for ... ? (showed a PDF document with a outline tree of people/projects)
  • http://idcubed.org
  • moonshine for big data
  • personal control of data, user access control,
  • user-centric data store, Python, Django
  • personal data sharing

Tom Brown

occupy.net Sam Boyer and Andrew Mullin

  • provide collaboration systems to occupy
  • http://directory.occupy.net - built in Drupal
  • Semantic interoperation is it possible
  • OpenStreetMaps

Sylvain Carle - afroginthevalley.com

  • did a distributed yelp two startups ago - Praized then Needium
  • from Montreal originally, now living in SF
  • now a developer advocate at Twitter
  • Great Open Source support
  • Rules of the road in Twitter content.
  • @froginthevalley
  • http://github.com/twitter

Joseph Smarr

  • 3(!) years on Google+
  • opensocialweb.org bill of rights for social web 5 years ago - Sept 5, 2007

prev. CTO at plaxxo

  • working on google+
  • tripwires in API tos docs harm federation between bigger players
  • examples of what copies of data can do: timehop, jolicloud me, klout
  • Ideal: POSSE
  • Practical: Get every site to give me a feed of my own content unencumbered by own TOS
  • (Re)building a movement in 3 steps
    • 1. apps that demonstrate benefits of data portability
    • 2. movement adovcating user rights
    • 3. bridge gaps with proxy services

Brad Fitzpatrick - http://bradfitz.com - @bradfitz

Two things

  • WebFinger
    • status from my point of view
    • has to move faster
  • Camlistore (http://camlistore.org)
    • summary, status update
    • own your shit

Phil Wolff

  • personal data ecosystem consortium
  • user-centricity
  • personal control over personal data is good for users and the ecosystem

Kaliya - more on Personal Data

  • ...
  • limited liability personas

Victor Greg(sp?)

  • Datacoops.com
  • ... groups as first class citizens
  • ...


  • datavenu.com
  • ...

Tom Lord

Dave Crossland

  • Social fonts
  • google fonts: temporary business model
  • knowledge model in the future

Monica Wilkinson

Leif Warner / Janrain (sp?)


break - 30 minutes

14:10 restarting

intro to BarCamp style sessions

Session 1:

SESSION: ActivityStreams in #microformats2

Problem: API+TOS suck. API leads to TOS in practice due to culture, companies add TOS to APIs.


Atom -> Entry -> h-entry

AS activities on indieweb sites (that people are publishing today)

  • note
  • article
  • bookmark
  • photo
  • video
  • books read (vs. purchased)
  • likes
  • comments
  • events

properties on posts (that people are publishing today or care about publishing)

  • geo - p-location
  • published - dt-published
  • image of the thing - u-photo
  • tags - p-category
  • people - mentions
  • reply-to

homework assignment to indieweb publishers:

  • 1. add microformats2 h-entry support to your HTML posts:
  • 2. add ActivityStreams object type root class names to your h-entry elements, e.g. h-as-note, h-as-article

Examples of sites now doing this:

15:10 sessions


16:00 session summaries

16:10 FSWS2012 closed!