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Federated Social Web Summit 2012

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Federated Social Web Summit 2012

The Federated Social Web Summit is an invitation-only event, scheduled for 26 October 2012 at Say Media, 180 Townsend, in San Francisco, California, USA.


  • Report on the state of the world in federated social networking in 2012
  • Introduce people who are working on federating the social web
  • Hash out new algorithms, protocols, and networks over drinks


The invitation list shows people and groups we want to invite.

This is a "closed door but knockable" event; if you think you should be at the event, but aren't on the list, let us know.


09:00 Opening and registration
10:00 Intro, Evan Prodromou, StatusNet Inc.
10:15 5-minute presentations; one for each project. Think Ignite -- familiarize people with the basics
13:00 Lunch (in the building)
13:30 Open Space discussion
16:00 Adjourn for drinks and snacks at (TBD)


We normally don't include press but you're welcome to join us for drinks afterwards.


  • StatusNet Inc.
  • Say Media (hosting sponsor!)