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Use Case Situational Awareness

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Don McGarry

Decision Aspects

  • Primary: Status
  • Secondary: Context

Background and Current Practice

This use case is derived from the need to understand the status of the organization. Every employee is a decision-maker at some level. An effective decision representation standard could be implemented in tools to enable capturing the real-time status related to decision-making, for example what decisions are being considered, where are we in the decision process, and what options are being considered. The combined representations could provide a real-time snapshot of the applied knowledge of an organization.


To represent the status of the organization through the capture and analysis of its decisions.

Use Case Scenario

Employees of an organization perform their normal duties utilizing tools which automatically capture decisions, status, criteria considered, options and assessments. Through the use of linked data, the subject matter of the decisions can be utilized to sort, analyze and present real-time and historical analysis of the thinking of the organization as represented by its decisions (planned, in process, and completed).

Problems and Limitations

Representing subject matter of decisions effectively in machine-understandable format.

Existing Work

[1] Naturalistic Decision-Making