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ACTION-2186 (edit) pending review Incorporate events into embedded forms proposal Steven Pemberton 2018-06-13
ACTION-2193 (edit) pending review Propose text separating the two cases of id identification Steven Pemberton 2018-08-29
ACTION-962 (edit) open Write up appearance="compact" (xforms:repeat should cause the repeat to be rendered as a table, using the labels of the first row (direct children of the repeat only) as column headers).: Steven Pemberton 2005-12-09 All
ACTION-1271 (edit) open Write up example of using group to implement modal dialogs that are stylable by CSS and don't use OS windows.: Steven Pemberton 2007-07-15 All
ACTION-1272 (edit) open Write document about using parallel action/*[@if] and toggle/case to implement state machine.: Steven Pemberton 2007-07-15 All
ACTION-1431 (edit) open Write up use cases and basic design for Structural Constraints [recorded in]: Steven Pemberton 2008-03-05 All
ACTION-1444 (edit) open Http://]: Steven Pemberton 2008-04-05 All
ACTION-1493 (edit) open Propose spec-ready sentence to import XHTML modularization for binding and other documents.: Steven Pemberton 2008-09-06 All
ACTION-1624 (edit) open Write spec ready text for adopting XML Events 2 in XForms 1.2: Steven Pemberton 2009-06-13 All
ACTION-1712 (edit) open Create XForms12 Category wiki page entry to document Resolution 2010-03-31.1 for @ref-everywhere and Resolution 2010-03-31.3 for global @xforms:bind and @xforms:ref.: Steven Pemberton 2010-04-30 All
ACTION-1719 (edit) open Describe use cases for inclusion not handle by XInclude or deponent XBL2.: Steven Pemberton 2010-05-21 All
ACTION-1753 (edit) open Propose making DOMActivate optional in the light that there needs to be a single definition point for a definition already in place for ten yewards, to point out that HTML5 is not the only consumer of DOM Events, and that there are already DOMActivate implementations in DOM Level 2 implementations which would likely provide CR exit for the DOM 3, and that the Apple User Interface Independence proposal at strengthens the future case for abstract events.: Steven Pemberton 2010-11-27 All
ACTION-1831 (edit) open Check that his sections have test cases Steven Pemberton 2011-10-12
ACTION-1835 (edit) open Renumber existing testsuite Steven Pemberton 2011-10-12
ACTION-1858 (edit) open Attempt to find a notation for the initalisation use case Steven Pemberton 2012-02-01
ACTION-1873 (edit) open Pemberton to analyze elements where @label @help @hint @alert and child text content for static value. Steven Pemberton 2012-03-07
ACTION-1918 (edit) open Have a look at the vCARD example and replace it with a imaginary markup that has no XML notation Steven Pemberton 2012-12-19
ACTION-1923 (edit) open Add text that submission will fail if the XML can't be converted to JSON Steven Pemberton 2013-02-06
ACTION-1910 (edit) open Link errata document to wiki errata page Steven Pemberton 2013-04-30
ACTION-1960 (edit) open Fix broken links to test reports Steven Pemberton 2013-12-04
ACTION-1961 (edit) open Implement the conformance level resolution agreed 2013-11-27 Steven Pemberton 2013-12-04
ACTION-1967 (edit) open Implement @label spec text Steven Pemberton 2014-03-19
ACTION-1971 (edit) open Fix inconsistent text on attributes for <label> etc. Steven Pemberton 2014-04-16
ACTION-1972 (edit) open Make submission xml => xpath data model change Steven Pemberton 2014-04-16
ACTION-1987 (edit) open Update header@name @value to include erik's comments Steven Pemberton 2014-11-19
ACTION-2034 (edit) open Add "document" to the glossary Steven Pemberton 2015-10-14
ACTION-2047 (edit) open Remove duplication of xforms section4 in xpath module section3 Steven Pemberton 2016-01-20
ACTION-2049 (edit) open Look into makeing soap non-normative, and use as a usage example with <header> instead. Steven Pemberton 2016-02-10
ACTION-2054 (edit) open Implement new tr style Steven Pemberton 2016-03-02
ACTION-2070 (edit) open Supply draft spec text for repeat with actions. Steven Pemberton 2016-09-21
ACTION-2080 (edit) open Change priorities to attribute over element Steven Pemberton 2016-11-02
ACTION-2114 (edit) open Deprecate soap processing in the processor Steven Pemberton 2017-03-29
ACTION-2116 (edit) open Spec up <part/> proposal. Steven Pemberton 2017-04-05
ACTION-2133 (edit) open Think about switch/case and general visibility more Steven Pemberton 2017-07-12
ACTION-2144 (edit) open Compare code for tel numbers with out regexp. Steven Pemberton 2017-11-08
ACTION-2157 (edit) open Import format-time(), format-date(), format-datetime(), format-number() from xslt2 Steven Pemberton 2018-01-31
ACTION-2184 (edit) open Post use cases for structural constraints Steven Pemberton 2018-05-16
ACTION-2187 (edit) open Suggest text for value change events etc in model. Steven Pemberton 2018-06-20
ACTION-2201 (edit) open Think about a way of representing state change handlers in the model Steven Pemberton 2018-10-10
ACTION-2203 (edit) open Investigate the easiest way of adding more context information to events Steven Pemberton 2018-10-31
ACTION-2206 (edit) open Propose text for using mirroring for <control/> Steven Pemberton 2018-11-14
ACTION-2213 (edit) open Draft proposal for loading a file into an instance Steven Pemberton 2019-01-23
ACTION-2214 (edit) open Move semantics of function element to expression module Steven Pemberton 2019-01-23
ACTION-2215 (edit) open Implement collapse="open/closed" Steven Pemberton 2019-02-06
ACTION-2217 (edit) open Spec up file/read and write (and provide links) Steven Pemberton 2019-02-06
ACTION-2237 (edit) open Add a warning class for error events Steven Pemberton 2019-03-27
ACTION-2245 (edit) open Spec up <replace/> Steven Pemberton 2019-04-03
ACTION-2254 (edit) open Revise <replace/> Steven Pemberton 2019-05-08
ACTION-2258 (edit) open Update xforms-replace event according to erik's reply Steven Pemberton 2019-06-12
ACTION-2259 (edit) open Propose text for mips on controls Steven Pemberton 2019-06-26
ACTION-2260 (edit) open Change inserted-items to inserted-nodes in xforms-replace event Steven Pemberton 2019-06-26
ACTION-2265 (edit) open Contact the danes about irc Steven Pemberton 2019-09-18
ACTION-2266 (edit) open Research websockets. Steven Pemberton 2019-10-09
ACTION-2267 (edit) open Consider data traversal Steven Pemberton 2019-10-16
ACTION-2270 (edit) open Propose text for refresh-done Steven Pemberton 2020-01-29
ACTION-2271 (edit) open Add refresh-done to the spec. Steven Pemberton 2020-02-05
ACTION-2272 (edit) open Add dispatch of refresh-done to default model. Steven Pemberton 2020-02-12
ACTION-2273 (edit) open Suggest how to do suggestions Steven Pemberton 2020-02-26
ACTION-2275 (edit) open Draft new text for <copy/> Steven Pemberton 2020-03-11
ACTION-2277 (edit) open Add copy text to spec. Steven Pemberton 2020-04-08
ACTION-2278 (edit) open Spec default action for xforms-submit-error Steven Pemberton 2020-04-22
ACTION-2285 (edit) open Implement erik's function categorisation Steven Pemberton 2020-07-10
ACTION-2286 (edit) open Deprecate choose() Steven Pemberton 2020-07-10
ACTION-2287 (edit) open Add appearance="tabbed" for select/select1 Steven Pemberton 2020-08-28
ACTION-2288 (edit) open Add spec text that expalins the relationship between required and calidity Steven Pemberton 2020-09-25
ACTION-2289 (edit) open Investigate old "submission everywhere" idea. Steven Pemberton 2020-10-23
ACTION-2291 (edit) open Talk to michael kaye about the xdm library Steven Pemberton 2020-11-20
ACTION-2292 (edit) open Specify merge of send and load. Steven Pemberton 2020-12-11
ACTION-2293 (edit) open Check that spec for @instance and @targetref is fully defined Steven Pemberton 2020-12-25
ACTION-2296 (edit) open Add text to make it clear where xforms-action-error is dispatched to. Steven Pemberton 2021-01-22
ACTION-2297 (edit) open Add links to glossary entry for observer Steven Pemberton 2021-01-29
ACTION-2298 (edit) open Check the status of sorting and report back. Steven Pemberton 2021-03-26
ACTION-2299 (edit) open Add an example of using event('response-headers') Steven Pemberton 2021-04-02
ACTION-2301 (edit) open Update load-error to go to the listener. Steven Pemberton 2021-04-02
ACTION-2305 (edit) open Propose introspection functions Steven Pemberton 2021-05-21
ACTION-2306 (edit) open Write spec text for making spec xpath version neutral Steven Pemberton 2021-06-18
ACTION-2307 (edit) open Create a list of what we have and haven't added, and what is still to be done Steven Pemberton 2021-12-03
ACTION-2308 (edit) open Add links to list Steven Pemberton 2021-12-10
ACTION-2311 (edit) open Create a document summarising the work to be done based on the list Steven Pemberton 2021-12-17
ACTION-2313 (edit) open Research the alternatives for 'dirty' data, and produce code in all of them for comparison Steven Pemberton 2022-01-28
ACTION-2316 (edit) open Mark xforms-submit-serialize as deprecated Steven Pemberton 2022-02-11
ACTION-2321 (edit) open Propose text for a <cancel/> action Steven Pemberton 2022-04-29
ACTION-2326 (edit) open Find out if iframe is deprecated. Steven Pemberton 2022-12-09
ACTION-2329 (edit) open Check the <form/> element Steven Pemberton 2022-12-23
ACTION-2333 (edit) open Investigate if moving @model is a problem Steven Pemberton 2023-01-27
ACTION-2335 (edit) open Work on creating a context attribute set Steven Pemberton 2023-02-03
ACTION-2336 (edit) open Add text about autocomplete Steven Pemberton 2023-02-03
ACTION-2340 (edit) open Report on call time for the 17th Steven Pemberton 2023-03-10
ACTION-2342 (edit) open Spec the event communication for further discussion. Steven Pemberton 2023-06-02
ACTION-2343 (edit) open Produce new <control/> spec Steven Pemberton 2023-09-15
ACTION-2344 (edit) open Make the text for initialising clearer Steven Pemberton 2023-10-06
ACTION-2345 (edit) open Fix the destination of the signal-control error event Steven Pemberton 2023-10-06
ACTION-2347 (edit) open Put the spec text into the spec. Steven Pemberton 2023-10-06

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