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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1934 (edit) pending review Update the XML and relax-ng schema (change mediatype to accept on upload) Nick Van Den Bleeken 2013-02-27
ACTION-1936 (edit) pending review Have a look at how other specifications style deprecated elements/attributes and come with a proposal for styling in the XForms Sepc Ulrich Nicolas Lissé 2013-03-13
ACTION-1939 (edit) pending review Add the xforms:HTMLFragment data type and add text to the text area control similar like it is done for xs:date on xf:input Nick Van Den Bleeken 2013-03-27
ACTION-1940 (edit) pending review Incorporate Erik's proposal about a lighter weight syntax for the function element Nick Van Den Bleeken 2013-04-03
ACTION-1953 (edit) pending review Remove dialog child element for show/hide element Nick Van Den Bleeken 2013-07-03
ACTION-2186 (edit) pending review Incorporate events into embedded forms proposal Steven Pemberton 2018-06-13
ACTION-2193 (edit) pending review Propose text separating the two cases of id identification Steven Pemberton 2018-08-29

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