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ACTION-1572 (edit) open Contact Sam Ruby about HTML RNG Schema for adding XForms for HTML validation.: Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2009-04-18 All
ACTION-1717 (edit) open Rename XForms for HTML to XForms Attributes for HTML: Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2009-06-13 All
ACTION-1720 (edit) open Write up xslt action in xforms 1.2 wiki: Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2009-06-13 All
ACTION-1733 (edit) open Look at Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2009-06-13 All
ACTION-1653 (edit) open Propose new wording for XForms 1.1 relevant property for Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2009-11-14 All
ACTION-1665 (edit) open Write up target=new for submission for Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2009-12-18 All
ACTION-1668 (edit) open Examine for WG Note.: Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2010-01-02 All
ACTION-1680 (edit) open Investigate feedback on the RELAXNG schema on www-forms-editor: Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2010-02-06 All
ACTION-1681 (edit) open Update repeat attributes on XHTML+XForms to ol, ul, table, tbody, li, and div and do two different zip files (one for XHTML+XForms with files at toplevel and one for XForms11 with just the xforms11 files.): Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2010-02-06 All
ACTION-1702 (edit) open Investigate Owen Newnan schema issues and report to list. Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2010-04-03 All
ACTION-1745 (edit) open Update XForms RNC Schema to correspond to resolution about Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2010-10-22 All
ACTION-1794 (edit) open Klotz to fill in Proposal 1, add the new xforms-submit-replace-instance event, and write sample code. Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2011-05-04
ACTION-1823 (edit) open Klotz to respond to and follow ons. Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2011-09-14
ACTION-1833 (edit) open Check that his sections have test cases Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2011-10-12
ACTION-1850 (edit) open Klotz to add AVT to XHTML+XForms schema. Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2011-12-28
ACTION-1851 (edit) open Klotz to add AVT to XHTML+XForms Note. Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2011-12-28
ACTION-1852 (edit) open Klotz to add AVT to XForms 2.0 schema. Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2011-12-28
ACTION-1855 (edit) open Klotz to send out tab use case for #! and bidirectional binding. Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2012-01-18
ACTION-1871 (edit) open Klotz to check XSLTForms and betterForm and remove restriction on group body content of embedded forms in load embedding. Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2012-02-29
ACTION-1872 (edit) open Klotz to write up 3 examples of load embedding for XForms 2.0. Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2012-02-29
ACTION-1883 (edit) open Klotz to move XHTML+XForms Rec-track document ot the community group. Leigh Klotz, Jr. 2012-04-04

Open Issues

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