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ACTION-1408 (edit) open Send email towrite up initial draft for extensions.: Erik Bruchez 2008-01-19 All
ACTION-1409 (edit) open Produce spec-ready text for XForms 1.2 extensions.: Erik Bruchez 2008-01-19 All
ACTION-1411 (edit) open Investigate adding XPath 2.0 to XForms 1.2 in a modular way that encompasses adding other pluggable languages in the future.: Erik Bruchez 2008-01-19 All
ACTION-1562 (edit) open Fix test 11.1.1 a (fix @ref and and add @mediatype): Erik Bruchez 2009-04-04 All
ACTION-1643 (edit) open Change event phase property to use capture, bubble, at_target to string with names from DOM2, but an editors note to coordinate with XML Events 2.: Erik Bruchez 2009-09-05 All
ACTION-1673 (edit) open Propose revampled XPath exceptions for XForms 1.2 as part of XPath 2.0 work.: Erik Bruchez 2010-01-02 All
ACTION-1687 (edit) open Write example use case for proposal to extend filtering on the event phase and send it to public-forms and TV Raman for comment.: Erik Bruchez 2010-02-20 All
ACTION-1697 (edit) open Prepare for contact with Michael Kay on XPath 2.0.: Erik Bruchez 2010-02-27 All
ACTION-1721 (edit) open Ask public-forms and www-forms implementors - When you switch models, to what context do you switch? root element or do you go back to the in-scope context? Please cite use cases that support your decision.: Erik Bruchez 2010-06-19 All
ACTION-1725 (edit) open Update with notes about when replace="all" doesn't.: Erik Bruchez 2010-07-09 All
ACTION-1773 (edit) open Bruchez to write use cases for non-repeat separate label binding. Erik Bruchez 2011-02-02
ACTION-1779 (edit) open Bruchez to add content to Erik Bruchez 2011-03-02
ACTION-1782 (edit) open Bruchez to write one paragraph description of proposed spec text for AVT. Erik Bruchez 2011-03-16
ACTION-1797 (edit) open Propose new name for transform for uri in email. Erik Bruchez 2011-05-11
ACTION-1820 (edit) open Bruchez to write up valid function Erik Bruchez 2011-09-05
ACTION-1822 (edit) open Bruchez to clarify with XPath WG that it is possible to add type annotations to the XPath 2 engine, even if the data is not lexically valid at the time. Erik Bruchez 2011-09-06
ACTION-1829 (edit) open Bruchez to start discussion on valid() with complex types. Erik Bruchez 2011-10-05
ACTION-1834 (edit) open Check that his sections have test cases Erik Bruchez 2011-10-12
ACTION-1846 (edit) open Bruchez and Nick van den Bleeken to come up with delete/detach use cases. Erik Bruchez 2011-12-07

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