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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1934 (edit) pending review Update the XML and relax-ng schema (change mediatype to accept on upload) Nick Van Den Bleeken 2013-02-27
ACTION-1939 (edit) pending review Add the xforms:HTMLFragment data type and add text to the text area control similar like it is done for xs:date on xf:input Nick Van Den Bleeken 2013-03-27
ACTION-1940 (edit) pending review Incorporate Erik's proposal about a lighter weight syntax for the function element Nick Van Den Bleeken 2013-04-03
ACTION-1953 (edit) pending review Remove dialog child element for show/hide element Nick Van Den Bleeken 2013-07-03
ACTION-1422 (edit) open Nick van den Bleeken on strawman proposal writing for Nick Van Den Bleeken 2008-02-23 All
ACTION-1458 (edit) open Read and make proposal for accept providing default to xf:upload/@mediatype and make proposal for accept-charset for Nick Van Den Bleeken 2008-06-14 All
ACTION-1590 (edit) open Add required tests for @target to @targetid to dispatch and @targetref to submission in XForms 1.1 tests and change the @target tests on dispatch and submission to be recommended.: Nick Van Den Bleeken 2009-05-22 All
ACTION-1636 (edit) open Write up new binding on textarea for leafiness.: Nick Van Den Bleeken 2009-06-13 All
ACTION-1693 (edit) open Send description of test framework to public-forms: Nick Van Den Bleeken 2010-02-27 All
ACTION-1832 (edit) open Check that his sections have test cases Nick Van Den Bleeken 2011-10-12
ACTION-1909 (edit) open Add @target to submission Nick Van Den Bleeken 2012-08-01
ACTION-1912 (edit) open Write up CSS class names as alternative CSS method Nick Van Den Bleeken 2012-09-12
ACTION-1917 (edit) open Reply to the CSV email and elaborate on the problem with the separator Nick Van Den Bleeken 2012-12-19
ACTION-1946 (edit) open Adjust schema file to allow one result element for Function element Nick Van Den Bleeken 2013-05-15
ACTION-1951 (edit) open Supply dialog, and show/hide text Nick Van Den Bleeken 2013-06-19
ACTION-1983 (edit) open Work out what we should do in cases where we have changed bind-exception to bind-error Nick Van Den Bleeken 2014-10-29
ACTION-2037 (edit) open Look at scripts for generating spec, and change url for source wiki Nick Van Den Bleeken 2015-10-28

Open Issues

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