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ACTION-1677 (edit) open Propose erratum for XForms 1.1 to allow extension element in all toplevel elements.: John Boyer 2011-04-30 All
ACTION-1727 (edit) open Add erratum to XForms 1.1 in section to add guidance on when controls get activated, and incorporate Steven Pemberton's recommendation of activation timing as defined by complete-value readiness as a result of user interaction.: John Boyer 2011-05-31 All
ACTION-1599 (edit) open Write clarifying note in 6.1.3 to explain the non-impact of xsi:nil true on the definition of required MIP, rather than having the two rules for non-empty definition [recorded in]: John Boyer 2011-06-30 All
ACTION-1445 (edit) open Write up spec-ready text proposal for 1.2 for Behavior of replace=text for submissions that retrieve non-text as in John Boyer 2011-08-31 All
ACTION-1825 (edit) open Add "space-separated list" to the appearance attribute John Boyer 2011-09-28
ACTION-1427 (edit) open Solve default trigger problem for 1.2 by coming up with better DOMActivate behavior and then creating the ease of authoring shorthand: John Boyer 2011-09-30 All
ACTION-1827 (edit) open Boyer to reply to John Boyer 2011-10-05
ACTION-1828 (edit) open Boyer to allow space-separated @appearance in John Boyer 2011-10-05
ACTION-1830 (edit) open Check that his sections have test cases John Boyer 2011-10-12
ACTION-1575 (edit) open Add test for sequencing of relevance pruning before validation [recorded in]: John Boyer 2011-10-29 All
ACTION-1576 (edit) open Add test for using submission for validation purposes [recorded in]: John Boyer 2011-10-29 All
ACTION-1692 (edit) open Add New tests 11.9.1.b and 11.9.1.c (and .d for #fragment) to XForms 1.1 Edition 2 Thin Test Suite: John Boyer 2011-10-29 All
ACTION-1705 (edit) open Write up erratum text for encoding consistent with i18n and xlink recommendations: John Boyer 2011-11-30 All
ACTION-1845 (edit) open Boyer to add to XForms 2.0 Wiki. Choose one now, but note that attribute names are TBD. John Boyer 2011-11-30
ACTION-1853 (edit) open Boyer to clarify to match implied example about events. John Boyer 2012-01-11
ACTION-1905 (edit) open Respond to email to indicate behavior is correct (different behavior of ref vs. value on load) according to above minutes John Boyer 2012-06-13

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