6 May 2005

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<Harvey> Harvey here

Outreach updates

DS: Article on long-term asymptomatic HIV person

HB: Funding being cut for accessibility body in Denmark. Only government-funded agency in Denmark.
... Not a priority for government. Hope of pressuring government to change its policy.



<Helle> Normally HB is Harvey I'm HBJ


WD: Organised a meeting. HBJ and ? attended.

<Helle> carol=?

WD: Changed "informative", "normative" and "non-normative"
... Added "state" to be consistent with part of speech used in term.
... "Conformant", made scope as wide as possible.
... "Graceful transformation" only editorial changes.

HB: Status in "informative" and "state" in other. Should be consistent.

WD: "Linearisation" just corrections.

JB: "Assistive Technology"

WD: Have changed "product system" as requested

JB: "Conformance" State or status, be consistent.


AC: Said of a product. Describes a product
... Maybe attains not necessary.

<Andrew> So, what about : The state of a product or service when it satisfies ...

"Graceful Transformation"

AA: Maybe an older browser.

JB: Not happy with "to accommodate a user's need"
... Implies intentionality
... Avoid latin abbreviations like "e.g."

AC: Say how the presentation changes

Carol: Maybe the user saves it as text.

JB: Let's move on, WD please save ideas for later.


<Justin> type works better for me

Some of the information in a specification is not required for conformance but contributes to correct use and implementation. this is informative

"Linearized content"

AC: [my text above is a suggestion, not what was decided]
... Need to explain that content has an inherent sequence, and that it can be altered by tables or CSS.

JB: Designers don't think in terms of linear content.

DS: "side-by-side" doesn't capture the idea

JB: Seems that WG is not happy with the definition. Let's keep going and come back t this later.


<Andrew> can we inlcude 'title' in the list of inlcuded items?

AA: Many uses of metadata are to qualify use of an element type.

WD: Not convinced.

JB: Changes: Include "title" but otherwise unchanged.


<scribe> Scribe: Carol

replace Status with State?

WD: or go back to what was there before

JT: Suggest using "descriptions or prescriptions that lie outside the normative criteria of a specification"

<Andrew> easier to read and comprehend

JB: Came up with Conformance and then with Non-normative and normative. Needed for conformance, not for these

WD: Take off "The status of" for Normative, Non-normative

relate to informative

WD: Quality of information - normative contributes to correct use. Non-normative don't know.

JB: Section by section basis

WD: Non-norm - could be used in more neutral way

Real Time events

(rest on non-normative/normative)

AC: Reporting/recording - seems backwards. Event is triggering the reporting

WD: tried both ways - can invert

Reporting or recording of an event is simultaneous with the occuring of the event

occurence of the event?

JB: Production side?
... look at example - if you use term closed captions - doesn't have anything to do with real time. Term real-time captioning it does.
... Text captions read as event goes.

<Andrew> so .. in real-time captioning, text captions are written as the text is spoken.

Real time events

An event that is reported or recorded simultaneous with its occurence

"as it occurs" instead of simultaneous


WD: only change is <em> instead of <strong>

Emphasise the word emphasis

AC: Emphasis should be emphasize in last sentence

Machine oriented?

HBJ: Are we telling people about user agent?

WD: it's in the list

JB: substitute browser or media player - because lower level text

HBJ: would help -

Web Accessibility

JB: by adding "interface" narrows definition - makes end make less sense

WD: can come out

HB: Web and user interface to it is designed

JB: go back to top and discuss reviewing.

Graceful Transformation

WD: When a browser or media player changes...

CL: used with Neural networks and how something might change. Brain injury . can still see if part of occipital lobe is gone. May be fuzzy, but can still see.
... can have network that fails, but still continues to work

<judy> How about: "When a browser or media player changes a document's presentation, the new presentation offers the same functionality as the original. For example, ..."

JB: on original page information presented in two dimensional way - functions may be offered by proximity/position - may be lost with linearization.

CL: Jaws - someone comes to page - pick out items and can preserve relationships

WD: non-linearized, takes same amount of time to get to content. When linearized takes much longer to get to bottom of page

<Harvey> some refernces above to CL are from Doyle instead.

CL: screen reader may linearize, but can still pick out function - select from links list or skip to text. JAWS not linearizing - graceful

Thanks Harvey


HBJ: something simpler than linearization

WD: take out example - follow with something else

DS: screen reader would offer same functions as other format. That's what JAWS does - functions that previous system does - linearization confusing

WD: take it out then - not linearization.

HBJ: Alternative text for images intead?

JB: work on own? DS

WD: take out example

<judy> How about: "When a browser or media player changes a document's presentation, the new presentation offers the same functionality as the original."

WD: one of many possible linearization

CS: better to say example

JB: reactions to qualificatino

all ok

"A common form of linearlization is..

JB: "one form of linearization...

WD: good

A presentation that arranges web content in a sequential order. One form of linearization changes side-by-side displayed content into a one column format. This should be in a logical reading order.


DS: new offers the same as the original. For instance when an ALT gives a text description of an image

Linearized Content: A presentation that arranges web content in a sequential order. One form of linearization is when a When a browser or media player changes a document's presentation, the new presentation offers the same fuctionality as the original.

with DS addition - as example

Primary terms for translations

JB: will finalize and then work with WAI Coordination Group, then get to publishing stage

<judy> then do "WBS" form: Web-based survey


JB: will need to use passwords to get finalized versions completed and published

Should Lexicon continue working?

Look at other efforts, and distribute effort around then come back.


Shawn looking for feedback on IA - please respond if possible. Still working out CSS issues.

Expects to have ready for testing next week.

Schedule - no meeting next week - May 13

Meeting on 20 - no meeting on 27th of May

How People with Disabilities Use the Web

Changes made from December meeting - but not completely done.

JB: not comfortable with taxonomy
... Terms - changed names - dyslexia and dyscalculia changed name
... No order - alpha or otherwise
... Will send something to respond to next week
... Required to use different style sheet - not official working draft. Labeled - working group internal draft

# rrsagent, draft minutes

<Andrew> judy, can you ensure minutes are generated? Carols request did not get a response from RSSAgent

<pasquale> Hi all, have a good weekend

<judy> andrew, thanks, i had not noticed that.

Summary of Action Items

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