22 Apr 2005


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Judy, Shadi, Alan, Jack, Pasquale, Sylvie_Duchateau, [ATTcaller], Justin, Chuck_Letourneau, Bingham, Wayne, Helle_Bjarno, Natasha
Andrew, Shawn, Carol, Roberto
alan, Justin




<pasquale> hi all, good morning

<shadi> hi pasquale

<shadi> :)

<Justin> i can

<shadi> agenda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-eo/2005AprJun/0033.html

<shadi> scribe: alan



Outreach updates

WD: Started teaching course on Web architecture and usability.

<Justin> good work Wayne! :)

WD: Course full (20 pax). Will be 30 next time.

JB: How will students do the evaluations?

WD: Start with walkthrough with NILS toolbar. Will learn a lot with it.

<Harvey> What is a pointer to Andrew's site Wayne referred to?

WD: Hope to use WAI Evaluation suite. Would like it to be ready. When is it expected?

JB: Has been used for some time now.

WD: Will make use of W3C information.

HB: Is curriculum available online?

WD: When its finished we will. California State University Long Beach.
... Computer engineering, look under faculty member Tom Jewett for the style

Brief update on activities related to standards harmonization

JB: Last week I was in Sheffield at meeting of JTC1
... Group wants to compile information about accessibility work by different organisations
... Abouts standardisation efforts. There are lots of them. Try to promote coordination.
... Was useful to get a broad view of what's going on. W3C/WAI will take part in next meeting (meets twice yearly)
... For now just observing.
... From large delegation from US, Canada, UK, Germany, Austraila. Also from standardisation technical committees.
... From 4 or 5 technical committees. EU member states have seats on national bodies, but EU was not directly involved.
... W3C could decide whether or not to submit WAI GLs to a JTC process. Have been thinking about it for a year. Would be at W3C's discretion.
... Was concern about W3C's intentions.
... Later in week was in Brussles for kickoff meeting of CEN workshop, with Daniel Dardailler.
... Meeting to explain intention of CEN workshop. (Four?) meetings over a period of a year.

[CEN: comité Européen de Normalisation: European Committe for Standardisation]

JB: Diversity of opinions in meeting. At end of day there it wasn't clear how much consensus there was.
... Seems that W3C will participate in liason role. Helle ws there, Alan's colleagues.

HB: Attended with Danish colleague. Surprised by animosity of some participants.
... Not sure it's within scope of my organisation. Would like to follow it more closely. Afraid there will be divergence in Europe over it.

JB: WAI is only an observer. Going to listen and learn. to understand positions of different organisations.
... Hearing strong arguments in favour of certification, but also others against it.
... W3C represents many different members.
... Heard arguments in favour of third-party certification, and also SDOC (self declaration of conformance). Discussion about how it could be applied.
... Concern about fragmentation, need for harmonisation.

[UWEM Unified Web Evaluation Methodology]

HB: Many unknown issues still. Especially UWEM.

JB: There were some oppostion letters sent beforehand. Was glad that it came out in public discussion.

AC: There is the problem that expert opinio is that certification scheme can not be set up without a standard to work on.

JB: For W3C WAI GLs are a standard, but CEN doesn't have mechanism to recongise them.

WD: What about target disabled users being covered?

JB: British Standards Institute (BSI) is working on a process standard for webmasters.
... Is or soon will be in comment period. Don't think it implies fragmentation.
... W3C and WAI track other groups' activities that affect standards harmonisation. This is especially active area at the moment.

HB: What about the standards harmon. document we were working on?

JB: Signed it off, but is in copy editing stage now since long time ago. Hope to get to work on it again now.


JB: [Describes draft Lexicon document]

HB: Not clear about assistive technology


HB: Not clear about "product system"

JB: Used in section 508.

WD: Think it's a mistake.

JB: Used in tech act.

<Justin> I'll pick up

<Justin> scribe: Justin

/nick scribe

/nick scribe

JB: I propose adding given right before specification

NL: For me it is product of services status
... This is the status of something. If you are translating and you think conformance is a product or service complies, that's not grammatically correct.

CL: That's the same comment I had in my e-mail

WD: Its the state that something can be in

HBJ: I think we should use the word conforming because thats whats used

JB: I think we don't use the word compliance purposefully

WD: How about...the status of the product indicates

HBJ: I like Chuck's first proposal

JB: Harvey's 3rd comment on informative

HB: I added that text

NL: I think its a good addition

WD: Do we have the same grammatical problem?
... How about we go through the whole thing at some time

JB: Any objects to what Harvey is proposing?

Group: None

HB: Linearized comments and normative are just typos

JB: The last portion of meta data is the addition

WD: There are a lot of attribute meaning. It may mix up things that are meta data and aren't meta data.

HB: When we developed SGML this is how it was.

WD: Maybe the Taskforce should rehash this definition
... Maybe there would a good for example that we coudl use.

JB: I have a problem with a detail being a verb
... I don't think the w3c can have a space between meta and data.

HB: Giving Dublin Core as an example?

JB: I would think we would want to keep the definitions as lean as possible.

HB: Ok.
... I would put the word amplify in the place of detail.

JB: the normative one is a typo.
... Render

HB: The way it was originally stated it wasn't as clear about how people with disabilities can use teh web.

JB: Chuck's Comments
... Chuck's comment on depricated

CL: This may be unneccessary material.

JB: Decided to not add.
... Chuck's comment on real-time events

NL: I don't understand either.

WD: We came up with definition at my house. A real-time event needs to have data come in as fast it can process it.

SA: The interaction happens without delay...how is that/

JB: the first sentence is describing the term. The second sentence is describing a real time process

WD: We were trying to be consistent between real-time process and real-time events

JB: Any quick suggestions?

Jack: Which one do we want to describe?
... I would say the latter isn't used in are documents.

WD: I agree.
... Maybe we were just trying to define real-time

SA: I will add or split into two definitions

HB: What about a note to translators?

JB: What would be in there?

HB: It would be good to go from language x back to english and there would be some similaritiy.

JB: We have several repositories of advice to translators already.
... Maybe we could link to those.

JB; How many are on the list in the end?

WD: 25 at least

JB: there is a graceful transformation typo.
... I thought we had talked about render and it had got sent back for a second pass.

SA: Many of the changes are typos

JB: Maybe even if Henk is on the road we can have someone lead some e-mail discussion

WB: I would be happy to do that.

JB: If you can check with Shawn to figure out Henk's schedule
... We will only need to spend 15 mins on this next time.


Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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