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EOWG 08 April 2005 Minutes




Doyle_Saylor, +34.91.47.aaaa, Shawn, Alan, Wayne, Shadi, Justin, Jack, Bingham, Judy, Roberto, Chuck_Letourneau, Helle_Bjarno, Andrew, Sylvie_Duchateau, Henk
Carol, Sailesh, Pasquale

<shawn> Note: Andrew asked for an agenda change

JB: WAI Flyer. Printed material
... [Describes Flyer]. Not updated since 2001.

WAI Flyer

JB: Have tried changing the wording of activities section but couldn't get it right
... Resources section. Participation section. Sponsor list updated.

HB: Move PWD section up.

JB: [Reads list for offline people]
... HB suggests "How People with Disabilities Use the Web" up to second place in list.

HB: Important to explain about PWD using the Web

[Order of list caputred in changelog]

<Andrew> about to join the call

<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/Drafts/flyerfront.en.html


<rcastaldo> HI Andrew

[Document updated online by JB]

HB: Will there be a slideshow? WAI Overview

JB: Could put in Introduction to Web accessibility on list

HB: Should be a pointer to website

JB: Online version is not as well laid out as print version. URL is more prominent.
... Have removed link to Resources page, as it will no longer exist with site redesign.
... Have changed some text to make it fit on page

WD: Does text match that on web page?

SH: Yes

WD: Important to enable people to find resources online

HB: Put a name to the URL of website?

JB: HTML version is simpler, print version will be clearer. Don't think it will be necessary
... Don't think it needs changing.

<shawn> +1 to try to fit something in about translations

RC: What about translations? Not mentioned. Could say "Developing and translating"

JB: Doesn't fit in list of documents.

RC: In list of activities, change "Developing resources" to "Developing and translating resources"

JB: Good idea, but may be too long to fit on page.

SH: Could put a whole new line like "Resources are available in many languages..."

SD: Could split list of resources into two, one for original documents and one for translations

AC: Clarify that this is a print document, with no links

JB: Should include mention on web page that it's a paper document

AA: Business case in list.

AC: Could we link to the PDF? So people can print it.

[Activities section]

CL: Like update it as is

DS: No strong reaction to it.

JB: Will link to PDF this time.

AA: Could we have it in differnt paper sizes: US and DIN?

JB: Yes

<Andrew> me/ requested 'A4' paper size

CEN Certification Workshop

<judy> http://www.cenorm.be/cenorm/businessdomains/businessdomains/isss/activity/ws-wac.asp

<Andrew> also: www.support-eam.org/supporteam/CEN_ISSS_Workshop.asp

JB: Want to inform people about this as may be talk about it next week.
... Discuss WAI's role
... There are three projects in WAB cluster. WAI coordinates with some parts of them.
... CEN workshop will last a year. No divergence from WAI GLs. Try to set up a quality mark.
... Daniel Dardailler and myself will attend kickoff meeting.
... Strong opinions for anda against. DD and I will be neutral, will watch for any fragmentation
... Want to attend, to try to understand.

<Harvey> CEN Mnemonic: Comite Europeen de Normalisation

CEN means European Standardisation Committee

AC: [Explains about procedural problems with lack of a standard to base the certification on]

HB: Will it be based on WCAG 2.0?

JB: Hope so. to avoid fragmentation
... May put calrification on WAI website. WAI is not backing the workshop, only observer.


F2F Meeting

<shadi> slh: looking for hosts in Europe around 8-10 June

<shadi> slh: also looking at overall availability of EO participants

<shadi> ac: we can host something

<shadi> ds: np

<shadi> ds: no

<Harvey> Harvey no

<shadi> hbj: might be able, depending on where

<Wayne> wayne no

<shadi> jack: no

Alan: In Madrid

<Andrew> italy sounds good too - maybe I should make an effort to come

Alan: At our offices we have a suitable room.

<shadi> - language

Alan: Have to leave now.

<judy> thx alan

<shawn> alan - before you leave:

<rcastaldo> http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/2003/07/f2f-agenda.html

<shawn> generally in June, July, August your availability?

<rcastaldo> 4th week of june or 1st week of july - Venice, Italy

<shadi> roberto: not first week, may be able to host something 4th week in venice

<shadi> hbj: could also host something in copenhagen

<Andrew> That Venice Hotel that Roberto is offering is very nice too

<rcastaldo> The VEnice Hotel is near the sea :-)

<rcastaldo> So come to Italy folks!

<Andrew> Copenhagen would not be too hot(??)

<shadi> sh: meetings around WWW in japan did not have strong support in the group

<shadi> slh: looking at meeting in australia around OzeWAI

<shadi> slh: not confirmed yet

<shadi> slh: who could come?

<shadi> jack: maybe

<Harvey> HB maybe

<Helle> yes

<Andrew> Andrew - Yes

<Wayne> wayne yes

<shadi> henk maybe

<rcastaldo> maybe

<judy> sylvie no

<judy> judy maybe

<shadi> chuck no

<shawn> shawn; porbably

<shadi> shadi need to ask boss

<judy> lol

<shadi> roberto maybe

<Wayne> wayne after

<Andrew> OZeWAI web site is: http://www.ozewai.org/

<judy> judy - after probably better

<Helle> Helle: both bfore and after posible but prefere before

<Harvey> HB: before

<Andrew> Andrew - either

<shadi> jb: second WSIS

<shadi> jb: november 16-18 in Tunis, Tunisia

<shadi> jb: will be proceeded with a week of meetings, lots of accessibility related

<Andrew> is there a URL?

<shadi> jb: is this of interest to people from EOWG?

<shadi> jb: WSIS about principles of ICT development

<shadi> jb: good opportunity to raise awareness about how accessibility fits in that picture

<rcastaldo> http://www.itu.int/wsis/index-p2.html

EOWG Deliverables update

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/EO-Deliverables.html

<Helle> bye from Helle

<rcastaldo> I've to leave the call, sorry... hear you all next week

<shadi> jb: phone icons beside items indicate amount of discussion required

<shadi> jb: items without phone icons are copy edits and don't need much discussions

<shadi> jb: however, final chance to see the deliverables before they are published will be given

<shadi> ds: numerical order for priority and phone icons do not match

<shadi> jb: phone icons do not indicate priority, rather how much work needs to be done

<shadi> saz: retrofitting web sites on position 10 and 16, need more than 2 phone icons

<Andrew> me/ agrees with Wayne

<shadi> wd: we can get quite few docs quite quickly out the door

<shadi> wd: for example how people with disabilities use the web

<shadi> wd: we can move some things to later

<shawn> i've made the changes - you can refresh to see them

<shadi> jb: retrofitting needs to stay due to EU funding

<shadi> jb: promotional campaign needs to stay due to US funding

<shadi> jb: text-only sites is quite important

<shadi> slh: our restriction is not meeting time but more editing time

<shadi> jb: thinking about icon of a pen for editing time

<shadi> slh: i like that, will add it

<shadi> wd: is there possibility to spawn taks forces?

<shadi> jb: still need more editors

<shadi> jb: selecting consultants may head down that path

<Justin> Templates and Tutorials is fourth qt of 2005

<shadi> wd: is education material for people with disabilities a priority item?

<shadi> jb: need to focus work but need to get work on it

<shadi> wd: would like to work on it

<shadi> jack: what would help us move forward?

<shadi> jb: we have a template. requirements document, outline, early feedback from the group

<shadi> jb: maybe we should write up how to continue with this

<shadi> jb: task forces need the right combinations of participants

<shadi> wd: does the group want to get this started this quarter?

<shadi> jb: any reactions on the priority of this?

<shadi> slh: maybe priority right after web site is rolled out

<shadi> slh: hoping this could happen this month, then wayne and i could check on that

<shadi> jb: Sounds good

<shawn> shadi, I'll ask alan to clean up minutes

<shadi> ok, thx

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]