1 Apr 2005


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Carol, Shadi, Jack, Justin_(muted), Wayne, Shawn, Judy, Bingham, Pasquale, Henk, Andrew




<pasquale> I try in italy and for teleconference and is ok; and cheap ;-)

<shawn> scribenick: wayne

<shawn> scribe: Wayne


WAI Site Redesign

Shawn: Redesign was simplified

<Andrew> ??P11 is Andrew

Shadi: I like it.

Justin: Did I miss a meeting?

Shawn: April Fools.

<Andrew> I obvioulsy missed the joke - teach me to be late :-)

<Justin> :)

<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/ut1/Overview.html is an April Fools Joke

<Harvey> Harvey Joined

<pasquale> zachim, [IPcaller] is Pasquale

Topic 3: WAI Translation

<shawn> presnt: Carol, Shadi, Jack, Justin (muted), Wayne, Shawn, Judy, Bingham, Pasquale, Henk, Andrew

<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/ut1/Overview.html is an April Fools Joke

<Andrew> Nice comments for Shawn "Liking the crisp, clear style of these new WAI documents by Shawn Lawton Henry" - see http://www.accessify.com/2005/04/new-basic-principles-documents-from.asp

Judy: Bringing the whole group together on a breakout from Boston that addressed updates to WAI Translation Priorities

Shawn: Are there any documents missing; do we need to change the order.

<Justin> Justin was

Henk: Bold and Italic text are not readable; inconsistent wording; schedule is unrealistic

<judy> ...and name of doc is different

Henk: (Wording) What is a companion document?
... Several links don't work properly, WCAG links didn't work;

<Andrew> documents that we DO NOT want translated should not be in the list - add them when we are ready for translations

Shawn: Incomplete documents are listed for planning; not translation

Andrew: There are other documents that are stable, but not in the list. One might want to translate these.

Judy: Unstable documents should be moved to the bottom of the order, but marked more clearly.

Andrew: Why not note as comming soon.

Judy: Worries that the priority may be distorted be comming soon designation.

Pasquale: The list is right. Confusing to have the suites split. List together so the job can be done at once.

Shawn: The split represents priority and merging again does not reflect priorities.

<judy> sorry, rejoining

Shawn: Is it more important to move related components up or to group suites.

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to say planning to send to translators list

Topic 3: Next Face to Face

<shawn> dates in June - after 8 June

Judy: There will be an opportunity to meet in Europe in June 1- June 10?

Pasquale: Free in June

Henk: May have a conflict.

Topic Evaluation Resource Suite

Judy: Two issues restructuring and how the individuals documents work independently

Henk: Likes the Evaluation Overview for its organization of the other documents.

<Justin> looks good

Carol: The split makes sense.

Shdi: Does "Preliminary Review" stand on its own, and does the internal restructuring work.

Pasquale: Works well, in last section 5: Link to previous step.

Andrew: Users of preliminary review may not know best practices so Section 5, first point might be confusing.

Shadi: Change Best Practices to Positive Aspects to accomodate first time users.

Harvey: Reccommends adding Step 6 from the last point "reccommend follow up steps".

Judy: Move to "Comprehensive Review"
... Should we replace Comrehensive with possibly Conformance. It is not comprehesisve because it does not include usability.

Andrew: This point of view will require some change of the content.

<Justin> yes

Shadi: Some links may be confusing, back links to definition, links outside of the document.

Andrew: Change bullet shape to communicate heirarchy.

<carol> Carol is off for a minute

Andrew: Merge Overview with Introduction

<carol> Carol is back

Shawn: There are more additions that may result in overloaded section; Could we still work with the same partition and see how it works when the site is more complete.

Andres: Change Overview to Introducing Evaluation...

Summary of Action Items

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