FP6 IST call 1 Kick-Off Meeting

14th October 2004; 11.00 to 17.00
CEN/CENELEC meeting center, 35 rue Stassart, 1050 Brussels

Item Topic Timing

The Presentations are linked inline from the agenda and from the Meeting-Report.

List of participants

1 Opening of the meeting and welcome by Mr. John Ketchell, Director CEN/ISSS and Chairman of the COPRAS Steering Group 11:00
2 Keynote address by Mr. Peter Wintlev-Jensen of the European Commissionn [ Slides (PDF)] 11:10
3 Short introduction to the COPRAS project and summary of results by Mr. Bart Brusse, COPRAS Project Manager [Slides(PDF)] 11:25
4 Overview of different paths towards standardization by Mr. Scott Hansen of the Open Group [Slides(PDF)] 11:45
5 Presentation of the agenda and targeted objectives of the kick-off meeting by Dr. Tatiana Kovacikova of ETSI [Slides(PDF)] 12:10



Thematic break-out sessions:


Short introduction by the invited projects on the scope of their projects and the possible standards related issues they will touch upon

6.2 Short overview on planned and ongoing standardization activity by representatives from standardization working groups relevant to invited projects 14:30

Coffee break

6.3 Questions, answers & discussion cooperation possibilities between research projects, COPRAS and standardization working groups, clustering possibilities and pooling of resources 15:30
7 Review break-out sessions, presentation of results and summary of achievements and agreed next steps 16:20
8 Close of the meeting by Mr. John Ketchell, Director CEN/ISSS and Chairman of the COPRAS Steering Group 16:55




Bart Brusse, Rigo Wenning
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