COPRAS workshop at IST2006

New tools to improve interfacing between research and Standardization in FP7

COPRAS organizes a workshop at IST2006 in Helsinki, presenting and the results and feedback it achieved from working with IST projects in FP6, and bridging towards FP7. The session will feature speakers presenting views from the European Commission as well as standards community on the broader research/standards interfacing issue, as well as an interactive session discussing what could – and should – be done to improve research/standards interfacing in FP7.

Workshop programme:

9:00 Welcome by John Ketchell, Chair COPRAS Steering Group
9:05 Getting standards bodies closer to ICT research: the COPRAS Generic Guidelines platform, Kiritkumar Lathia, Chair ICTSB
9:25 Towards a better research/standards interface in FP7: analysing the feedback from FP6 projects, Bart Brusse, COPRAS Project Manager
9:45 Interactive session, moderator: John Ketchell, Chair of the COPRAS Steering Group
  • what are the tools that should be available in FP7 to ease research/standards interfacing
  • what can be done by standards organizations to improve their interfacing with research
  • should standardization be an integral part of European funded research programmes

More information on the workshop can be found at the IST2006 web site.

Bert Bos
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