FP 6 call 1 projects targeted in the first information gathering round


  1. Overview
  2. Broadband for all
  3. Mobile _ Wireless systems
  4. A global security framework
  5. Multimodal interfaces
  6. Semantic_based knowledge system
  7. Networked audio_visual systems
  8. Networked business _ government
  9. eSafety of road _ air transport
  10. eHealth
  11. Technology_enhanced learning

This pages contains information about all the projects that have received the information package. Rows marked in green indicate projects that have sent back their questionnaire. The questionnaire will be linked from the project name.

Summary of Results

Targeted and listed number of FP6 Call 1 projects in Annex1
Strategic objective Target Listed Missing
3.1.03 Broadband for all 18 0
3.1.04 Mobile and wireless systems beyond 3G 21 0
3.1.05 Towards a global dependability and security framework 16 15 1
3.1.06 Multimodal interfaces 14 0
3.1.07 Semantic-baded knowledge systems 15 14 1
3.1.08 Networked audio-visual systems and home platforms 19 0
3.1.09 Networked businesses and governments 23 22 1
3.1.10 eSafety of road and air transport 14 0
3.1.11 eHealth 20 19 1
3.1.12 Technology-enhanced learning and access to cultural heritage 16 0

176 172 4

Broadband for all

Acronym Title Coordinator Country Project web-site Contract type Number of Partners Project start Additional information available at: Project Officer
ATHENA Digital Switchover. Developing Infrastructures for Broadband Access National Centre for Scientific Research "DEMOKRITOS" GR www.ist-athena.org STREP 12 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=160152004-5-14& DOC=1& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:507312& CALLER=PROJ_IST L. Van Noorden
BREAD Broadband in Europe for All: a Multi-Disciplinary Approach Interuniversitair Micro-Electronica Centrum VZW B www.ist-bread.org CA 8 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=160152004-5-14& DOC=2& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71123 M. Monteiro
BROADWAN Broadband services for everyone over fixed wireless access networks Telenor Communication II AS N www.broadwan.org IP 25 12/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=160152004-5-14& DOC=3& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71178 F. Guirao Moya
CAPANINA Communications from Aerial Platform Networks delivering Broadband Communications for All University of York UK www.capanina.org STREP 14 11/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=160152004-5-14& DOC=4& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71168 J. Pereira
COCOMBINE Competition Contents and Broadband for the Internet in Europe The Chancellor, Masters and scholars of the University of Cambridge UK www.cocombine.org SSA 10 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=160152004-5-14& DOC=5& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71167 L. Van Noorden
DIADEM FIREWALL Distributed Adaptive Security by Programmable Firewall France Telecom F www.diadem-
STREP 7 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=160152004-5-14& DOC=6& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71219 R. Bayou
E-PHOTON-ONE Optical Networks: Towards Bandwidth Managability and Cost Efficiency Politechnico di Torino I www.e-photon-one.org NoE 38
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=160152004-5-14& DOC=7& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71400
Euro NGI Design and Engineering of the Next Generation Internet Towards convergent multi-service networks Caisse des Depots et Consignations F www.eurongi.org NoE 57 12/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=160152004-5-14& DOC=8& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71129 R. Bayou
FLEXINET Flexible Network and Gateways Architecture for Enhanced Access network Services and Applications Alcatel SEL AG D www.teletel.gr
STREP 9 03/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D&SESSION=188012004-8-17&DOC=9&TBL=EN_PROJ&RCN=EP_RPG:507646&CALLER=PROJ_IST
GANDALF Gbit/s Access Network using remote Delivery opticAL Feeder for heterogeneous broadband wireless and wireline nodes Universidad Politechnica de Valencia E www.ist-gandalf.org STREP 10 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=160152004-5-14& DOC=9& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71118 J. Pereira
LASAGNE All-optical label swapping employing optical logic gates in network nodes Universidad Politechnica de Valencia E www.ist-lasagne.org STREP 10 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=160152004-5-14& DOC=10& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71102
MOME Monitoring and Measurement Cluster Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH A www.ist-mome.org CA 7 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=160152004-5-14& DOC=11& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71182 P. Jauhiainen
MUSE Multi Service Access Everywhere Alcatel Bell N.V. B www.ist-muse.org IP 34 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=160152004-5-14& DOC=12& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71255 P. Jauhiainen
NOBEL Next generation Optical network for Broadband in Europe Telecom Italia SpA I www.ist-nobel.org IP 32 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=160152004-5-14& DOC=13& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71203 J. Pereira
OPERA Open PLC European Research Alliance for new Generations PLC Integrated Network Iberdrola Ingeniera y Consultoria, S.A. E www.ist-opera.org IP 35 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=160152004-5-14& DOC=14& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71133 M. Monteiro
SATLIFE Satellite Access Technologies: Leading Improvements For Europe Hispasat E www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/
STREP 13 02/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=160152004-5-14& DOC=15& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71386 F. Guirao Moya
SATNEX Satellite Communications Network of Excellence DLR D www.satnex.org NoE 22 24
U-BROAD Ultra High Bit Rate Over Copper Technologies for BROADband Multiservice Access Metalink Ltd. IS www.metalinkbb.com /site/app/ UBoard_summary.asp STREP 7 12/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=160152004-5-14& DOC=16& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71205 F. Medeiros

Mobile _ Wireless systems

Acronym Title Coordinator Country Project web-site Contract type Number of Partners Project Start Additional information available at: Project Officer
4MORE 4G MC-CDMA multiple antenna System on Chip for Radio Enhancements LETI/CEA Grenoble F www.ist-4more.org STREP 11 01/01/2004

ACE Antenna Centre of Excellence I.D.S. - Ingegneria dei Sistemi SpA I www.antennasvce.org NoE 45 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=199262004-5-14& DOC=1& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:508009& CALLER=PROJ_IST M. Monteiro
B-BONE Broadcasting and Multicasting over enhanced UMTS Mobile Broadband Networks Portugal Telecom Inovação S.A. P http://b-bone.ptinovacao.pt/
STREP 8 01/02/2004
DAIDALOS Designing Advanced Interfaces for the Delivery and Administration of Location independent Optimised personal Services T-Systems Nova GmbH D www.ist-daidalos.org IP 46 11/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=199262004-5-14& DOC=2& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71242 F. Guirao Moya
ER End-to-End Reconfigurability Motorola SA F www.e2r.
IP 28 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=199262004-5-14& DOC=3& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71158 P. de Sousa
EVEREST Evolutionary Strategies for Radio Resource Management in Cellular Heterogeneous Networks Universitat Politechnica de Catalunya E www.everest-
STREP 6 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=199262004-5-14& DOC=4& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71199 A. Houghton
MAESTRO Mobile Applications & sErvices based on Satellite & Terrestrial inteRwOrking Alcatel Space F ist-maestro.
IP 20 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=199262004-5-14& DOC=5& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71246 F. Medeiros
MAGNET My Personal Adaptive Global NET Aalborg Universitet DK www.ist-magnet.org IP 38 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=199262004-5-14& DOC=6& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71231 R. Bayou
MOSSA Advanced Satellite Mobile Systems-Task Force Specific Support Action Telespazio SpA I asms.sharepointsite.com/mossa/default.htm SSA 7 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=199262004-5-14& DOC=7& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71124 P. Jauhiainen
NEWCOM Network of Excellence on Wireless Communications Instituto Superiore Mario Boella I http://newcom.
NoE 61 03/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D&SESSION=189862004-8-18&DOC=9&TBL=EN_PROJ&RCN=EP_RPG:507325&CALLER=PROJ_IST
OBAN Open Broadband Access Network Telenor A.S.A N www.ist-oban.org STREP 14 01/01/2004

PHOENIX Jointly optimising multimedia transmission in IP based wireless networks Thales Communications S.A. F www.ist-phoenix.org STREP 8 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=199262004-5-14& DOC=8& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71176 A. Houghton
PULSERS Pervasive Ultra-wideband Low Spectral Energy Radio Systems Gesellschaft fr Wissens- und Technologietransfer der TU Dresden mbH D www.pulsers.net IP 30 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=199262004-5-14& DOC=9& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71210 B. Barani
SIDEMIRROR Structure, Integration and Dissemination of the European Mobile and Wireless Research Efforts Aalborg Universitet DK http://sidemirror-ist.org/
01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=199262004-5-14& DOC=11& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71232 M. Monteiro
SIMPLICITY Secure, Internet-able, Mobile Platforms LeadIng CItizens Towards simplicitY Consorzio Università Industria - Laboratorio Di Radiocomunicazioni I www.ist-
STREP 11 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=199262004-5-14& DOC=12& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71381 P. de Sousa
SPECTRUM Supporting European Competence in the area of Ubiquitous Mobile Communications National Technical University of Athens GR www.ist-
SSA 4 09/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=199262004-5-14& DOC=13& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71385 F. Guirao Moya
UBISEC Ubiquitous Networks with a Secure Provision of Services, Access, and Content Delivery Siemens Business Services GmbH & CO. OHG D www.ubisec.org STREP 9
01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=199262004-5-14& DOC=14& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71212 P. de Sousa
WIDENS Wireless Deployable Network System Thales Communications S.A. F
STREP 8 02/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=199262004-5-14& DOC=15& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71394
WINDECT Wireless Local Area Network with Integration of Professional-Quality DECT Telephony Winfinity GmbH D www.windect.
STREP 6 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=199262004-5-14& DOC=16& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71226 F. Medeiros
WINNER Wireless World Initiative New Radio Siemens AG D www.ist-winner.org IP 38 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=199262004-5-14& DOC=17& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71125 F. Medeiros
WWI AMBIENT NETWORKS "Wireless World Initiative-Ambient Networks: "Create a pervasive, reliable communication environment hiding the heterogeneous infrastructures, supporting the ever-changing needs of users and services" Ericsson AB S www.ambient-
IP 41 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=199262004-5-14& DOC=18& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71236 A. Houghton

A global security framework

Acronym Title Coordinator Country Project web-site Contract type Number of Partners Project start Additional information available at: Project Officer
BioSec Biometrics and Security Telefonica Investigacion y Desarrollo SA Unipersonal E www.biosec.org IP 23 12/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=229942004-5-14& DOC=1& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:001766& CALLER=PROJ_IST A. Servida
Biosecure Biometrics for Secure Authentication Caisse des Dépôts F www.biosecure.info NoE 26 06/01/2004
Digital Passport Next generation European Digital Passport with Biometric Data for Secure and Convenient Boarder Passage Infineon Technologies AG D www.eudigitalpassport.com

STREP 7 03/01/2004
ECRYPT European Network of Excellence in Cryptology Katholieke Universiteit Leuven B https://www.cosic.esat.
NoE 32 02/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=229942004-5-14& DOC=2& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71141 A. Galetsas
eJustice Towards a global security and visibility framework for Justice in Europe One Northeast
UK www.e-justice.de IP 16 03/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=229942004-5-14& DOC=3& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71388 J. Grazina
FIDIS Future of Identity in the Information Society Universität Frankfurt D www.fidis.net
NoE 24 04/01/2004
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=229942004-5-14& DOC=4& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71399
INSPIRED Integrated Secure Platform for Interactive Personal Devices Gemplus F www.inspiredproject.com IP 18 01/01/2004
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=229942004-5-14& DOC=5& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71152 R. Sonnenschein
MEDSI Integration of Geographical Information Systems with DB, decision-support management and an auditory system to develop an advanced system that will be able to give support on decisions in a crisis Telefonica Investigacion y Desarrollo SA Unipersonal E www.medsi.org
STREP 11 04/01/2004
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=229942004-5-14& DOC=6& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71229 R. Sonnenschein
POSITIF Policy-based Security Tools and Framework Politecnico di Torino I www.wcss.wroc.pl/pb/positif/en/index.php STREP 10 02/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=229942004-5-14& DOC=7& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71224 J. Grazina
PRIME Privacy and Identity Management for Europe IBM France F www.prime-
IP 21 03/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=229942004-5-14& DOC=8& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71383
SCARD Side Channel Analysis Resistant Design Flow Technikon Forschungs- und Planungs-gesellschaft mbH A www.scard-project.org STREP 9 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=229942004-5-14& DOC=9& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71154 L. Cabriol
SECUREIST ICT Security & Dependability Taskforce Waterford Institue of Technology IRL www.securitytaskforce.org CA 6 11/1/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D&CALLER=PROJ_IST&QM_EP_RCN_A=72077
SecurE-JUSTICE Secure communication and collaboration framework for the judicial co-operation environment Project Automation SpA I www.secure-justice.org
STREP 19 02/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=229942004-5-14& DOC=11& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71241 J. Grazina
SECUREPHONE Secure contracts signed by telephone Schlumberger Sema SA Española E www.secure-phone.info

STREP 7 01/01/2004
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=229942004-5-14& DOC=12& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71171 R. Sonnenschein
SECOQC Development of a Global Network for Secure Communication based on Quantum Cryptograpyh Austrian Research Centers A www.secoqc.net
IP 42 04/01/2004
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=229942004-5-14& DOC=10& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71407
SEINIT Security Expert INITiative Thales communications S.A. F www.seinit.org IP 13 12/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=229942004-5-14& DOC=13& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71177 A. Servida

Multimodal interfaces

Acronym Title Coordinator Country Project web-site Contract type Number of Partners Project start Additional information available at: Project Officer
AMI Augmented Multi-party Interaction University of Edinburgh UK www.amiproject.org IP 15 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=244252004-5-14& DOC=1& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:506811& CALLER=PROJ_IST D. Perrotta
CHIL Computers In the Human Interaction Loop Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Angewandten Forschung e.v. D chil.server.de IP 16 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=244252004-5-14& DOC=2& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71196 M. Ljungqvist
DIVINES Diagnostic and Intrinsic Variabilities in Natural Speech Multitel B www.divines-project.org STREP 8 01/02/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=244252004-5-14& DOC=3& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71376 M. Ljungqvist
ENACTIVE Enactive interfaces Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e di Perfezionamento Sant'Anna I www.enactive
NoE 24
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=244252004-5-14& DOC=4& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71217 C. Huet
HUMAINE Human-Machine Interaction Network on Emotion The Queen's University of Belfast UK www.dfki.de/Humaine NoE 27 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=50592004-6-1& DOC=5& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:507422& CALLER=PROJ_IST P. Gelin
HIWIRE Human Input That Works In Real Environments Thales Avionics SA
www.speech.tuc.gr/projects/hiwire_main.html STREP
MATRIS Markerless Real-time Tracking for Augmented Reality Image Synthesis Fraunhofer for computer graphics D


MWeb Multimodal Web Interaction GEIE ERCIM F http://www.w3.org/

http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=244252004-5-14& DOC=5& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71160 D. Perrotta
PASCAL Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning University of Southampton UK www.pascal-
12/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=244252004-5-14& DOC=6& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71169 D. Perrotta
SIMILAR The European research taskforce creating human-machine interfaces SIMILAR to human-human communication Katholieke Universiteit Leuven B www.similar.cc NoE 32 12/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=50592004-6-1& DOC=8& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:507609& CALLER=PROJ_IST M. Ljungqvist
TAI-CHI Tangible Acoustic Interfaces for Computer-Human Interaction University of Wales, Cardiff UK www.mec.cf.ac.uk/
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=50592004-6-1& DOC=9& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:507822& CALLER=PROJ_IST C. Huet
TALK Tools for Ambient Linguistic Knowledge Universität des Saarlandes D www.talk-project.org STREP 9 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=50592004-6-1& DOC=9& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:507822& CALLER=PROJ_IST K. Rossi
TC-STAR Technology and Corpora for Speech to Speech Translation UPC E www.tc-star.org IP 12
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=244252004-5-14& DOC=7& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71389 D. Perrotta
T'n D Touch and Design Politechnico di Milano I www.kaemart.it/
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=244252004-5-14& DOC=8& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71183 C. Huet

Semantic_based knowledge system

Acronym Title Coordinator Country Project web-site Contract type Number of Partners Project start Additional information available at: Project Officer
aceMedia Integrating knowledge, semantics and content for user-centred intelligent media services Motorola Ltd. UK www.acemedia.org IP 15
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=261602004-5-17& DOC=1& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:001765& CALLER=PROJ_IST A. McAllister
AgentLink III AgentLink III: A Co-ordination Network for Agent-Based Computing University of Liverpool UK www.agentlink.org CA 7 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=261602004-5-17& DOC=2& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71184 W. Janusch
Advanced and Innovative Models And Tools for the development of Semantic-based systems for Handling, Acquiring, and Processing Knowledge Embedded in multidimensional digital objects Consiglio Natzionale delle Richerche I http://dlforum.external.forth.gr:8080/AIM @SHAPE/ NoE 14
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=261602004-5-17& DOC=3& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71204 A. Gauthier
ALVIS Superpeer Semantic Search Engine Helsinki University of Information Technology SF www.alvis.info STREP 11 01/01/2004
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=261602004-5-17& DOC=4& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71190 W. Janusch
ASPIC Argumentation Service Platform with Integrated Components Logicdis S.A. GR www.argumentation.org STREP 11 01/01/2004
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=261602004-5-17& DOC=5& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71223 W. Janusch
DIP Data, Information, and Process Integration with Semantic Web Services National University of Ireland - Galway IRE dip.semanticweb.org IP 18 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=261602004-5-17& DOC=6& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71100 D. Rizzi
DIRECT-INFO Media monitoring and multimodal analysis for time critical decisions Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH A www.direct-info.net STREP 8 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=261602004-5-17& DOC=7& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71211 P. Jacques
KB20 The European Knowledge Space Verein zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung in der freien Hansestadt Bremen E.V. D www.knowledgeboard.com

http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=261602004-5-17& DOC=8& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71186 A. Gauthier
KNOWLEDGE WEB Realizing the semantic web Universität Innsbrck A knowledgeweb.semanticweb.org NoE 18
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=261602004-5-17& DOC=9& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71099 B. Macklin
METOKIS Methodology and tools infrastructure for the creation of knowledge units Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH A metokis.salzburgresearch.at STREP 8 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=261602004-5-17& DOC=10& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71239 A. McAllister
MUSCLE Multimedia Understanding through Semantics, Computation and Learning GEIE ERCIM F www.cwi.nl/projects/muscle NoE 35 03/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=261602004-5-17& DOC=11& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71375 J. Hagman
NEWS New Engine Web Services Deutsches Forschungszentrum fuer Kuenstliche Intelligenz GmbH D www3.dfki.uni-kl.de/news/ STREP 5
REWERSE Reasoning on the Web with Rules and Semantics Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München D www.rewerse.net NoE 27 01/03/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=261602004-5-17& DOC=12& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71170 B. Macklin
SEKT Semantically-Enable Knowledge Technologies British Telecommunications plc UK km.aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de/projects/sekt/index_html IP 12 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=261602004-5-17& DOC=13& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71207 D. Rizzi
SIMAC Semantic Interaction with Music Audio Contents Fundacio Universitat Pompeu Fabra E www.semanticaudio.org STREP 5 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=261602004-5-17& DOC=14& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71237 P. Jacques

Networked audio_visual systems

Acronym Title Coordinator Country Project web-site Contract type Number of Partners Project start Additional information available at: Project Officer
COHERENT Collaborative Holographic Environments for Networked Tasks Holografika Egyeni CEG H
STREP 6 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=289212004-5-17& DOC=3& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:510166& CALLER=PROJ_IST G. Efthymiopoulou
DANAE Dynamic and Distributed Adaptation of scalable multimedia conteNt in a context-Aware Environment France Telecom F http://danae.rd.
STREP 11 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=289212004-5-17& DOC=5& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71233 E. Badique
E-NEXT Emerging Networking Experiments and Technologies Universidad Carlos III de Mardid E www.ist-e-next.net NoE 41 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=289212004-5-17& DOC=6& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71209 B. Arroyo Fernandez
ENTHRONE End-to-End QoS through Integrated Management of Content, Networks and Terminals Thales Broadcast & Multimedia S.A. F www.enthrone.org IP 26 12/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=289212004-5-17& DOC=7& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71131 K. Papanikoaou
EPERSPACE Towards the era of personal services at home and everywhere France Telecom R&D F www.ist-eperspace.org IP 19 02/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=289212004-5-17& DOC=8& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71401
INSTINCT IP-based Networks, Services and Terminals for Convergence Systems Brunel University UK www.ist-instinct.org IP 24 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=289212004-5-17& DOC=9& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71172 D. Ikonomou
MCDN Multimedia Content Discovery & Delivery Intracom SA GR www.comtec.e-technik.
STREP 12 01/01/2004
MEDIANET Multimedia networking Thomson F http://www.ist-

IP 34 12/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=289212004-5-17& DOC=10& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71096 B. Arroyo Fernandez
META CAMERA Metadata Enhanced Digital Camera with Universal Format for Multiple Broadcast, D-Film and E-Cinema Applications Snell & Wilcox UK www.ist-metavision.com/

MHP-CONFIDENCE MHP Conformance Testing Improvement by Development of New Conformance Tests in Europe Institut fr Rundfunktechnik GmbH D
STREP 7 11/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=289212004-5-17& DOC=11& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71136 B. Barani
MHP-KDB The MHP Knowledge Project Institut fr Rundfunktechnik GmbH D www.mhpknowledgebase.org STREP 11 12/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=289212004-5-17& DOC=12& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71095 D. Ikonomou
OLGA A Unified Scalable Framework for On-Line Gaming Philips Research NL
STREP 7 03/01/2004

SEMANTIC HIFI Browsing, listening, interacting, performing, sharing on future HIFI systems Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique Musique - IRCAM F www.ircam.fr/produits/
STREP 7 12/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=289212004-5-17& DOC=13& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71137 D. Ikonomou
SIVSS Scalable Intelligent Video Server System Xyratex UK www.sviss.org STREP 7 01/01/2004
TEAHA The European Application Home Alliance Telefonica I&D E www.teaha.org STREP 12 01/01/2004

TIRAMISU The Innovative Rights and Access Management Inter-platform Solution Optibase IS www.tiramisu-project.org STREP 11 11/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D&SESSION=208062004-8-17&DOC=16&TBL=EN_PROJ&RCN=EP_RPG:506983&CALLER=PROJ_IST
UNI-VERSE A distributed interactive audio-visual virtual reality system Kungl Tekniska Hogskolan S www.uni-verse.org STREP 7
VISNET Networked audiovisual media technologies University of Surrey UK www.visnet-noe.org NoE 15 12/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=289212004-5-17& DOC=14& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71213 E. Badique
WCAM Wireless Cameras and audio-visual seamless networking Thales Communications S.A. F www.ist-wcam.org STREP 10 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=289212004-5-17& DOC=15& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71248 K. Papanikoaou

Networked business _ government

Acronym Title Coordinator Country Project web-site Contract type Number of Partners Project start Additional information available at: Project Officer
ATHENA Advanced Technologies for Interoperability of Heterogeneous Enterprise Networks and their Applications SAP D www.athena-ip.org IP 19

COSPA A Consortium for studying, evaluating, and supporting the introduction of Open Source software and open data standards in the Public Administration Libera Universita di Bolzano I cospa.case.unibz.it STREP 15 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=22712004-5-17& DOC=1& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:002164& CALLER=PROJ_IST A. Moya
CROSSWORK Cross-Organisational Workflow Formation and Enactment University of Manchester UK www.crosswork.info STREP 9 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=22712004-5-17& DOC=2& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71382 R. Bergstrom
DBE DBE - Digital Business Ecosystem International Business Machines Belgium B http://www.digital-

IP 20 11/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=22712004-5-17& DOC=3& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71142 F. Nachira
ECOLEAD European Collaborative networked Organizations LEADership initiative VTT SF www.ecolead.org IP 21 04/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D&SESSION=94432005-8-10&DOC=5&TBL=EN_PROJ&RCN=EP_RPG:506958&
EMAYOR Electronic and Secure Municipal Administration for European Citizens Deloitte & Touch Nederland B.V. NL
STREP 14 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=22712004-5-17& DOC=4& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71250 G. Zilioli
eUSER Evidence-based support for the design and delivery of user-centered online public services Empirica D www.euser-eu.org PLAM 4 01/01/2004

FLOSSPOLS Free/Libre/Open Source Software - Policy Support University of Maastricht - MERIT NL http://floss
SSA 4 03/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=22712004-5-17& DOC=5& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71380 A. Chrissafis
GUIDE Government User IDentity for Europe - creating an European standard for interoperable and secure identity management architecture for eGovernment British Telecommunications plc. UK www.guide-project.org IP 27 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=22712004-5-17& DOC=6& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71101 A. Chrissafis
HOPS Enabling an Intelligent Natural Language Based Hub for the Deployment of Advanced Semantically Enriched Multi-channel Mass-scale Online Public Services Ajuntament de Barcelona E http://www.bcn.es/hops/ STREP 12 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=22712004-5-17& DOC=7& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71145 G. Wojcieszko
INTELCITIES Intelligent Cities Manchester City Council UK http://www.intelcities
IP 72 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=22712004-5-17& DOC=8& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71194 K. Varghese
INTEROP Interoperability Research for Networked Enterprises Applications and Software Université de Bordeaux I F
NoE 50 11/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=22712004-5-17& DOC=9& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71148 P. Fatelnig
MYTREASURY The European Treasury Platform C. International Ltd. UK www.mytreasury.org STREP 11 04/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D&SESSION=25392004-6-21&DOC=10&TBL=EN_PROJ&RCN=EP_RPG:507408&CALLER=PROJ_IST
NO-REST Networked Organisations - Research into Standards Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Angewandten Forschung E.V. D www.no-rest.org

STREP 6 03/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=22712004-5-17& DOC=10& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71384 F. Maennel
ONTOGOV Ontology enabled E-Gov Service Configuration Planet Ernst & Young S.A. GR www.ontogov.com STREP 7 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=22712004-5-17& DOC=11& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71252 A. Bradier
QUALEG Quality of Service and Legitimacy in eGovernment Associatione Impresa Politechnico I www.qualeg.net STREP 11 02/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=22712004-5-17& DOC=12& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71163 G. Wojcieszko
SAFIR Speech Automatic Friendly Interface Research IBM Belgium B www.safir-fp6.org IP 18 03/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=22712004-5-17& DOC=13& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71398 F. Loeurng
SATINE Semantic-based Interoperability Infrastructure for Integrating Web Service Platforms to Peer-to-Peer Networks Middle East Technical University TR www.srdc.metu.edu.tr/
STREP 6 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=22712004-5-17& DOC=14& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71216 F. Frederix
SPIDER-WIN Supply Information Dynamic Exchangeand Controll by Web-based Interactin Network Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Angewandten Forschung E.V. D www.spider-win.de STREP 10 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=22712004-5-17& DOC=15& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71372 F. Frederix
TERREGOV Impact of eGovernment on Territorial Government Services Airial Conseil F www.terregov.net IP 16 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=27442004-6-1& DOC=16& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:507749& CALLER=PROJ_IST A. Moya
TrustCom ATOS ORIGIN sae E www.eu-trustcom.com IP 16
USE-ME.GOV USability-drivEn open platform for MobilE GOVernment Portugal Space - Technologias e Servicos Espaciasis, S.A. P http://www.usemegov.org/ STREP 12 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=22712004-5-17& DOC=16& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71222 G. Zilioli
VE-FORUM The Portal for Projects and Communities In the Virtual Organisation Domain CETIM - Center for Technology and Innovation Management GmbH D
SSA 11 10/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=27442004-6-1& DOC=18& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:507469& CALLER=PROJ_IST P. Fatelnig
XBRL in EUROPE Speeding up the development and adoption of XBRL in Europe PriceWaterhouseCoopers risk management CVBA B www.xbrl.org CA 7 02/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D&SESSION=239192004-8-6&DOC=20&TBL=EN_PROJ&RCN=EP_RPG:507480&CALLER=PROJ_IST

eSafety of road _ air transport

Acronym Title Coordinator Country Project web-site Contract type Number of Partners Project start Additional information available at: Project Officer
AIDE Adaptive Integrated Driver-vehicle interfacE Volvo S www.aide-eu.org IP 26 03/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D&SESSION=4472004-8-18&DOC=1&TBL=EN_PROJ&RCN=EP_RPG:507674&CALLER=PROJ_IST
AIRNET Airport Network for Mobiles Surveillance and Alerting M3 Systems F www.airnet-project.com

STREP 6 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=98132004-5-17& DOC=1& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:507888& CALLER=PROJ_IST I. Heiber
EASIS Electronic Architecture and System Engineering for Integrated Safety Systems Daimler Chrysler AG D www.offis.de/projekte/sc/easis/index.php STREP 21 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=98132004-5-17& DOC=2& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71110 F. Minarini
eSCOPE eSCOPE - eSafety Observatory ERTICO B www.escope.info SSA

http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=98132004-5-17& DOC=3& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71240 F. de Lacerda Melo Ferreira
Euramp European Ramp Metering Project IBI Group UK www.napier.ac.uk/euramp/

STREP 16 03/01/2005 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=98132004-5-17& DOC=4& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71263 A. Barbas
GST Global System for Telematics ERTICO B www.ertico.com/
IP 49 03/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D&SESSION=277592004-8-18&DOC=6&TBL=EN_PROJ&RCN=EP_RPG:507033&CALLER=PROJ_IST
HIGHWAY breakthrougH Intelligent maps & GeograpHic tools for the context-aWAredeliverY of e-safety & added-value services Tele Atlas Italia I www.ist-highway.org STREP 10 04/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=98132004-5-17& DOC=5& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71409
HUMANIST HUMAN Centred Design for Information Society Technologies Europe Recherche Transport (ERT) F www.noehumanist.org NoE 22 03/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=98132004-5-17& DOC=6& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71266 E. Davila Gonzalez
IM@GINE IT Intelligent Mobility AGents, Advanced Positioning and Mapping Technologies INtEgration Interoperable MulTimodal, location based services Centre for Research and Technology Hellas GR www.hit.certh.gr/
STREP 16 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=98132004-5-17& DOC=7& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71146 E. Davila Gonzalez
ISMAEL Intelligent Surveillance and Management for Airfield applications basEd on Low cost Magnetic field detectors Universität des Saarlandes D ismael-project.net STREP 8 02/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=135082004-5-17& DOC=8& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:507774& CALLER=PROJ_IST
PREVENT PReVENTive and active safety applications Daimler Chrysler AG D http://www.ertico.com/
IP 51 02/01/2004

SAFE-AIRPORT Development of an Innovative Acoustic System for the Improvement of Co-operative Air Traffic Management D'Appolonia SpA I www.safe-airport.com

STREP 6 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=135082004-5-17& DOC=9& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71244 I. Heiber
SAFETEL Safe Electromagnetic Environment on Vehicle System Desing and Research Association S.R.L. I www.safetel-project.com

STREP 7 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D&SESSION=135082004-5-17&DOC=10&CALLER=PROJ_IST&TBL=EN_PROJ&RCN=EP_RCN:71259 E. Davila Gonzalez
SPARC Secure Propulsion using Advanced Redundant Control Daimler Chrysler AG D www.eu-sparc.net STREP 20 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=135082004-5-17& DOC=11& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71258 F. Minarini


Acronym Title Coordinator Country Project web-site Contract type Number of Partners Project start Additional information available at: Project Officer
ALLADIN Natural Language based decision support in neurorehabilitation Artevelde Hogeschool B www.alladin-ehealth.org STREP 10
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=251772004-5-17& DOC=1& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:507424& CALLER=PROJ_IST D. Whitehouse
AMICA Assembling Data and Knowledge at the Point of Care To Improve Medical Decision Making and Prevent Errors Clalit Health Services IS www.amica-eu.org

http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=251772004-5-17& DOC=2& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71230 D. Whitehouse
ARTEMIS A Semantic Web Service-based P2P Infrastructure for the Interoperability of Medical Information systems Middle East Technical University TR http://www.srdc.
STREP 6 01/01/2004
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=251772004-5-17& DOC=3& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71215 O. Purcarea
AUBADE A Wearable EMG AUgmentation system for roBust behAvioural understanding Siemens S.A. E www.aubade-group.com STREP 6
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=36062004-6-1& DOC=4& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:507605& CALLER=PROJ_IST J.-M. Auger
BIOPATTERN Computational Intelligence for Biopattern Analysis in Support of eHealthcare University of Plymouth Higher Education Corporation UK www.biopattern.org NoE 31 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=251772004-5-17& DOC=4& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71165 J. Ellis
CARDITIS Simulation Based Automatied Diagnosis, Treatment and diagnosis of CARdiovascular DISeases TeliaSonora SF www.carditis.info STREP 8 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D&SESSION=5252004-6-21&DOC=6&TBL=EN_PROJ&RCN=EP_RPG:507170&CALLER=PROJ_IST
CARE-PATHS An intelligent support environment to improve the quality of decision processes in health communities Airial Conseil F www.carepaths.eupm.net STREP 8 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D&SESSION=94742004-8-18&DOC=7&TBL=EN_PROJ&RCN=EP_RPG:507017&CALLER=PROJ_IST
CLINICIP Closed Loop INsulin Infusion for Critically Ill Patients Johanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH A www.clinicip.org IP 13
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=251772004-5-17& DOC=5& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71227 J.-M. Auger
COCOON Building knowledge driven & dynamically adaptive networked communities within European healthcare systems Associatione Impresa Politechnico I www.cocoon-health.com

IP 23
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=251772004-5-17& DOC=6& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71234 O. Purcarea
DICOEMS A Diagnosis Collaborative Environment for Medical relevant Situations Synergia 2000 SpA I STREP 7
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=36062004-6-1& DOC=8& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:507760& CALLER=PROJ_IST J. Aarnio
DOC@HAND Knowledge Sharing and Decision Support for Healthcare Professionals T.X.T. E-Solutions SpA I www.doc-at-hand.org STREP 8
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=251772004-5-17& DOC=7& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71164 Y. Paindaveine
INFOBIOMED Structuring European Biomedical Informatics to Support Individualised Healthcare Fundacio IMIM E www.infobiomed.org NoE 17 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=251772004-5-17& DOC=8& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71126 S. Norager
INTREPID A Virtual Reality Intelligent Multisensor Wearable System for Phobias Treatment The Victoria University of Manchester UK
STREP 7 www.intrepid-project.org http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=36062004-6-1& DOC=11& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:507464& CALLER=PROJ_IST J.-M. Auger
MYHEART MyHeart Philips GmbH Forschungslaboratorien D www.extra.research.philips.com/euprojects/myheart IP 33 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=251772004-5-17& DOC=9& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71193 A. Lymberis
NOESIS Platform for wide scale integration and visual representation of medical intelligence BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM ITALIA - S.P.A. I www.noesis-eu.org

IP 12
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=36062004-6-1& DOC=13& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:507960& CALLER=PROJ_IST D. Whitehouse
PALLIANET Decision Support and Knowledge driven Collaborative practices in Palliative Care GFI OIS S.P.A I www.pallianet.eupm.net STREP 7
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=251772004-5-17& DOC=10& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71150 D. Whitehouse
PIPS Personalized Information Platform for Life and Health Services FONDAZIONE CENTRO SAN RAFFAELE DEL MONTE TABOR I www.pips.eu.org IP 17
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=251772004-5-17& DOC=11& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71245 Y. Paindaveine
Semantic Mining Semantic Interoperability and Data Mining in Biomedicine Linköpings Universitet S www.imt.liu.se/mi/semanticmining/

NoE 22
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=251772004-5-17& DOC=12& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71155 S. Norager
TACIT Technologies Augmented Clincal Insight Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospital National Healthy Service Trust UK www.tacit-ist.org STREP 9 06/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D&SESSION=257462004-7-19&DOC=19&TBL=EN_PROJ&RCN=EP_RPG:507691&CALLER=PROJ_IST

Technology_enhanced learning

Acronym Title Coordinator Country Project web-site Contract type Number of Partners Project Start Additional information available at: Project Officer
AGAMEMNON Pictures from the Past: A Wireless Network of Magic Digital Cameras and Palmtops for Archaeological Travels Through the Time T.X.T. E-Solutions SpA I services.txt.it/
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=274152004-5-17& DOC=1& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:508013& CALLER=PROJ_IST J. Hoorens
BRICKS Building Resources for Integrated Cultural Knowledge Systems Engineering - Ingegneria Informatica S. P.A. I www.brickscommunity.net IP 24
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=274152004-5-17& DOC=2& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71256 C. Poliart
CALIMERA Cultural Applications: Local Institutions Mediating Electronic Resource Access Camara Municipal de Lisboa P www.calimera.org CA 46 12/01/2003 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=41082004-6-1& DOC=3& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:507740& CALLER=PROJ_IST I. Pigott
CONNECT Designing the classroom of Tomorrow by using advanced technologies to connect formal and informal environments Institute of Communication and Computer Systems GR www.connect-project.net
STREP 18 02/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=274152004-5-17& DOC=3& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71149 C. Oliveira
DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries GEIE ERCIM F www.delos.info NoE 47 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=274152004-5-17& DOC=4& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71130 C. Poliart
E-LEGI European Learning GRID Infrastructure Atos Origin E www.elegi.org
IP 23 02/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=274152004-5-17& DOC=5& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71374 H.-G. Stork
EPOCH Excellence in Processing Open Cultural Heritage University of Brighton 48 www.epoch-net.org NoE 83

ICLASS Intelligent distributed cognitive-based open learning system for schools Siemens Business Services SA/NV B www.iclass.info
IP 22 02/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=274152004-5-17& DOC=6& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71139 C. Oliveira
KALEIDOSCOPE Concepts and methods for exploring the future of learning with digital technologies FIST SA - France Innovation Scientifique et Transport F www.noe-kaleidoscope.org NoE 76
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=274152004-5-17& DOC=7& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71192 J. P. Christensen
LE ACTIVE MATH Language-Enhanced, User Adaptive, Interactive eLearning for Mathematics Deutsches Forschungszentrum fr knstliche Intelligenz GmbH D www.leactivemath.org STREP 9 01/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=274152004-5-17& DOC=8& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71134 H.-G. Stork
MINERVA PLUS Ministerial Network for Valorising Activities in Digitisation Ministerio per I beni e le attivita culturali I www.minervaeurope.org CA 17 02/01/2004 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=274152004-5-17& DOC=9& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71391
PRESTO SPACE Preservation towards storage and access. Standardised Practices for Audio-visual Contents in Europe INA F http://prestospace.ina.fr IP 32
PROLEARN Network of Excellence Professional Learning Universität Hannover D www.prolearn-project.org NoE 19
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=274152004-5-17& DOC=10& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71106 C. Steward
TELCERT Technology Enhanced Learning Certification - European Requirements & Testing The Open Group UK www.opengroup.org/telcert STREP 10
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=274152004-5-17& DOC=11& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71235 H.-G. Stork
TNT Transforming Representational Cultural Heritage into Digital Media Popular Scientific Content and Developing A Visual Simulation Engine for Collaborative Real-time Exploration Art+Com D www.the-neanderthal-tools.org STREP 8
http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=274152004-5-17& DOC=12& CALLER=PROJ_IST& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RCN:71387 I. Pigott
UNFOLD Understanding Networks of Learning Design Fundacio Universitat Pompeu Fabra E www.tecn.upf.es/
CA 4 http://dbs.cordis.lu/fep-cgi/srchidadb?ACTION=D& SESSION=41082004-6-1& DOC=14& TBL=EN_PROJ& RCN=EP_RPG:507835& CALLER=PROJ_IST M. Marsella
Rigo Wenning, Bert Bos
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