19. How do I synchronize my project's work plan with a standards organization's road map

Standardization processes follow a number of logical consecutive steps[5.1], usually starting with the recognition of a market need for a new specification or standard, or for the improvement or extension of an existing one. Although not all standardization processes and process steps take an equal amount of time, and although many specifications or standards are being upgraded through regular maintenance cycles, this generally means that for each standards or specification there is a specific window of opportunity open to contributions. This means that in order to make effective contributions to standardization, you should establish a good understanding of the roadmap for the particular standards process you're aiming at and ensure that your project's work plan foresees the delivery of results that are meant to become input in this process, within the right timeframe. Not synchronizing your work plan with a standards organization's roadmap in this way may generate a considerably higher time and resource requirement for achieving identical (standardization) results.

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