D08 - Kick-off meeting report Call 1 - executive summary

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This deliverable encompasses the FP6 IST Call 1 kick-off meeting targeted objectives and methodology that has been followed, as well as the subsequent steps that have been taken in order to organize the meeting. The report, together with the actual information gathered and analyzed during the process, aims to serve as a basis for further activity in COPRAS and establishes the starting point for the development of appropriate standardization paths for projects in Call 1, starting end of October 2004. The main objective of the kick off meeting was to jump-start cooperation between (groups of) research projects and standardization working groups. The kick off meeting therefore focused on the following issues:

  1. defining commonalities between standardization issues addressed by projects;
  2. defining projects actual ' timing and resources";
  3. defining the actual nature of planned contributions to standardization (i.e. formal specifications, guidelines, other contributions, etc.);
  4. defining what relevant standardization working groups are actually planning to do in the areas identified;
  5. defining high-level steps jump-starting the WP4 work (who is going to draft certain contributions, etc.);
  6. identifying the right people within the research project consortia actually working on specific standards issues (e.g. to include them in mailing lists).

The deliverable describes the methodology followed when preparing and organizing the kick-off meeting as well as the steps that have been taken during this process.

  1. definition of clusters of projects that have a similar focus with respect to standardization and to their grouping into parallel kick-off meeting break-out sessions;
  2. organization of "kick-off pre-meetings' between COPRAS project team members and individual projects to better prepare the kick-off meeting, as well as to obtain a better and more in-depth understanding of the standardization issues projects touch upon (and hence the standardization working groups they may benefit from interfacing with);
  3. initial contacts of COPRAS project team with relevant standards bodies;
  4. organization of the first COPRAS kick-off meeting with Call 1 projects that was held 14 October at the CEN/CENELEC Meeting Centre in Brussels.

The deliverable provides a complete list of participating projects and their representatives as well as a list of invited standardization bodies and the EC and the persons that represented them. It describes the focus of the plenary sessions and 5 different break-out sessions that covered the following areas/themes:

  1. Broadband access (also partly including PLC)
  2. Security issues
  3. Semantic-based systems and languages
  4. Smart houses and home networking (also partly including PLC)
  5. eLearning.

Finally, the deliverable lists the results achieved and conclusions drawn from the meeting, both at a generic as well as on a more detailed ("break-out cluster') level.

Rigo Wenning, Bert Bos
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