W3C Sponsorship

Sponsorship Packages

This document outlines the three W3C10 sponsorship packages:

  1. Member/Host Package
  2. Media Package
  3. Courtesy Package (non-Members)

Whatever the package, W3C10 sponsorship was a marketing opportunity that enabled sponsors to showcase their organization and underscore its commitment to the shared goals of the W3C. Sponsors reached those who are making decisions about the future of the Web, as well as those in the public who have come to rely on the Web as critical infrastructure for commerce and communication. W3C10 sponsors were associated directly with the organization that has been the center for development of Web standards for 10 years, and which — with your leadership — is engineering the foundation for the Web of tomorrow.

Sponsorship Deadline

The deadline for requesting to take part in this opportunity was 21 November 2004. Organizations committing earlier than this date were associated with the event during the early press activity.

1. Member/Host Package

The Member Package was reserved for W3C Members and Host Organizations and offered three levels of sponsorship.

Sponsorship benefits varied by level and included logo, name and link placement on the public W3C home page and the pages for the Tenth Anniversary Celebration; acknowledgment online, in print and in W3C media advisories and press releases; placement of logo on programs, folders, inserts and signage; spoken acknowledgment at the symposium; and invitations to the symposium and press events. For details please refer to the W3C Sponsorship Agreement. Sponsors were asked to send logos as PNG images sized to fit in 120x60 pixels (width by height).

2. Media Package

This package was reserved for media organizations who made in-kind or financial contributions to the W3C10 event. Recognition was based upon the level and type of contribution. At a minimum the media sponsor was entitled to:

3. Courtesy Package (Non-Member)

This package was reserved for non-Member organizations who made in-kind contributions of products or services, or for special requests to underwrite a specific item or activity associated with W3C10, a courtesy sponsor will receive: