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From RDF Semantics (2004-02-10) | Glossary for this source

(adj., of an inference system). (1) Able to detect all entailment s between any two expressions. (2) Able to draw all valid inferences. See Inference . Also used with a qualifier: able to detect entailments or draw all valid inferences in a certain limited form or kind (e.g. between expressions in a certain normal form, or meeting certain syntactic conditions.)
incompletely validated

From XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Data Model (XDM) (2007-01-23) | Glossary for this source

An incompletely validated document is an XML document that has a corresponding schema but whose schema-validity assessment has resulted in one or more element or attribute information items being assigned values other than 'valid' for the [validity] property in the PSVI.

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