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From Web Services Glossary (2004-02-11) | Glossary for this source

Authentication is the process of verifying that a potential partner in a conversation is capable of representing a person or organization.

deferred request authentication

From XML Key Management (XKMS 2.0) Requirements (2003-05-05) | Glossary for this source

A mechanism to allow a client to verify that the server processed the correct request. The client may verify the server response, for example, by comparing the elements returned in the response, or comparing a digest of the request with a digest returned in a secured response. This ensures that an attacker has not diverted or otherwise changed portions of a request. For example, a client request might be directed to a particular URI so that a specific policy will be enforced as part of the service processing the request. Inclusion of the URI in the response ensures that the expected server policy was followed and that the request was conveyed correctly.

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