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From Web Services Glossary (2004-02-11) | Glossary for this source

An interaction is said to be asynchronous when the associated messages are chronologically and procedurally decoupled. For example, in a request-response interaction, the client agent can process the response at some indeterminate point in the future when its existence is discovered. Mechanisms to do this include polling, notification by receipt of another message, etc.

asynchronous exchange

From XML Key Management (XKMS 2.0) Requirements (2003-05-05) | Glossary for this source

An exchange where the synchronous service response is incomplete, requiring the client to perform a subsequent request at some later time. When client registration requires time consuming checks it is more practical for a client to return at a later time for a completed response, for example. For XML Key Management all requests producing asynchronous results MUST produce a synchronous response status indicating an incomplete response, such as "Pending", for example. Such responses might also provide a URL for the client to check back to obtain the complete response at a later time.

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