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From Web Characterization Terminology & Definitions Sheet (1999-05-24) | Glossary for this source

An area within a resource that can be the source or destination of zero, one or more links. An anchor may refer to the whole resource, particular parts of the resource, or to particular manifestations of the resource.


From Hypertext Terms (1995-04-15) | Glossary for this source

An area within a the content of a node which is the source or destination of a link . The anchor may be the whole of the node content. Typically, clicking a mouse on an anchor area causes the link to be followed, leaving the anchor at the opposite end of the link displayed. Anchors tend to be highlighted in a special way (always, or when the mouse is over them), or represented by a special symbol. An anchor may, and often does, correspond to the whole node. (also sometimes known as "span", "region", "button", or "extent").

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